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When you come to wine country in Paso Robles, Ca you are here for not just the fantastic local wine selection, but the local fare that goes so beautifully with it.  We offer you a great top 3 of what we have experienced as the best selection for all types of foodies.  There are choices for meat eaters, vegetarians, pescetarians and gluten intolerant!  The food is exquisite, the service fantastic and the atmosphere is comfortable.  So when you are planning your wine tasting itinerary, throw one or two of these on there for lunch and dinner and enjoy an amazing culinary experience.

1. Thomas Hill Organics –

Has options for Vegetarians, Pescetarians, Gluten Free and Meat Eaters -Local Seasonal Fare-Local Wine Selection

Thomas Hill Organics

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Thomas Hill Organics has a great selection of fresh ingredients from local farmers that integrate into high quality dynamic plates full of very complex flavors.  There are options for all types of appetites with appetizers, salads, soups, main entrees and desserts, all with a fine selection of local wine.  Thomas Hill is Organic and you can trust the source of your food as well as the pairing of flavors.  The atmosphere is light and beautiful with options for indoor or outdoor seating, a bar, is located in convenient downtown Paso Robles and the service is excellent.


2. Basil Thai Restaurant-

Has Options for Vegetarians, Vegans, Pescetarians, Gluten Free and Meat Eaters-Fresh Ingredients-Local Wine Selection-

Basil Thai Food Paso Robles

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Basil is a delicious option for Thai food lovers that want a great selection of exotic fresh food paired with Paso Robles wine list!  They have an extensive list of curry dishes, appetizers, full courses, soups and noodle dishes.  There are options for all palates and the atmosphere is warm and beautiful with excellent service.  There is inside seating as well as a bar option right in the heart of downtown Paso Robles.

Great Wine to Pair with Thai Food > CLICK HERE


3. Il Cortile Ristorante-

Has Options for Vegetarians, Pescetarians, Gluten Free and Meat Eaters-Local Seasonal Fare-Local Wine Selection

Il Cortile Italian Food Paso Robles

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Il Cortile Ristorante is a great choice for Italian cuisine that offers unique entrees and a gluten free option pasta!  You can choose from the special or any of the seasonal main courses.  There are appetizers, salads, main dishes and of course, many pasta selections.  You have a wide range of options for local Paso Robles wines and the server does a great job suggesting one that pairs nicely with your meal.  There is indoor and outdoor seating, a bar, a fantastic wait staff and a warm environment.  Located in convenient downtown Paso Robles.



There is a wide variety of amazing restaurants in Paso Robles and these are just a few!  Check out our restaurant directory for all of them available in the area and enjoy the savory taste of the Central Coast!



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