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Something wonderful is stirring in California – Paso Robles!

Paso Robles Wineries’ region is one of the most alluring places in the world to visit. Savor world-class wineries, tasting rooms, breweries, restaurants, hotels, boutiques, wedding venues, etc., nestled in or close to this historic California town. Enjoy this uniquely friendly community sprinkled with talented winemakers from here and afar, artists, farmers, ranchers, and cowboys.

Situated halfway between Los Angeles & San Francisco on scenic routeHighway 101, Paso Robles is a short drive from the pristine Pacific Ocean coastline, renowned Hearst’s Castle, and quaint beach towns.

Revel in Paso’s bucolic countryside, rolling hills that meander off the majestic Santa Lucia mountains, fields punctuated with ancient Oak trees, wineries, vineyards, ranchegoogle glassess, and picturesque livestock, deer, elk, wild pigs, and wild turkeys… if you are lucky enough to spot one.

Want to immerse yourself in the beauty of some of the best wineries, restaurants and hotels? Enjoy a Virtual Tour from your cell phone, tablet or desktop. If you arelucky enough to own a pair of Google Glasses strap them on, insert your phone and select the Google Glass icon on the tour.