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Great Ways to Make Paso Robles Travel Easier

Paso Robles wine country in California’s beautiful Central Coast is a premier destination for people traveling from within the United States, Canada, South America and from overseas. To help you tour the area effortlessly, has you covered with mapping and directions as well as tips on local entertainment and events and some awesome travel tips for those of you coming this way by air. is a mobile online site and is the only user-friendly tool developed by insiders that directs visitors to all points of interest specifically in the Paso Robles area including wineries, wine tasting trails, hotels, restaurants, food purveyors, breweries, olive oil tasting, wedding information, etc. Use our step-by-step directions and they will remain on your smart phone even when you lose cell phone service….this happens often enough out in the countryside where the majority of wineries are located. Visit and check us out. Our website works on every mobile device and does not require downloading as it is a website, not an app.

While our mobile site is a must-have tool once you are here in Paso Robles wine country, what about tools to make your experience better for those traveling by airplane to the area? We have some ideas for you. and provide you all the information needed to get you the best value including:
1. Flight information
2. Unprecedented insight into your travel options with over 20 airlines
3. Helpful seat information by flight
4. Available awards and upgrades you can use

“Secrets to Getting the Most Comfortable Airline Seat” Source WSJ:

Another great tool is coming down the pipeline, hopefully by this summer which is a key new app on the iphone, Avionerd, available for air passengers. The founder and CEO Matteo Sarzana explains, “Our goal is to connect frequent flyers with normal flyers and have the frequent flyers share their status privileges with them”. Privileges include priority boarding, and lounge access. Why would people want to share their privileges with others?
1. To meet interesting, new people.
2. To get privileges when they are not able to fly on the airlines that they enjoy special status with, and develop a pay-it-forward karma.
3. To be part of a global community and to be able to get even more airline miles in the future.

Read more about the Avionerd app here: CLICK

Now you can maximize your airline travel experience at a minimal expense by using these sites, and once you arrive in Paso Robles you will have directions and mapping on your phone in one easy-to-use place. Feel free to call us if you would like a custom Paso Robles itinerary planned just for you.

We look forward to seeing you in Paso Robles wine country!

Paso Robles video by Dina Mande of Juice Media – [youtube][/youtube]

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