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While touring around wine country we came across the surprisingly quick route to Creston wine trail.  Only about 15 minutes from downtown Paso Robles, is the hilly beauty of Creston with wineries, ranch houses, olive trees and friendly people.  Many don’t know about this hidden gem and many don’t realize how close it is to Paso Robles.  So here is a breakdown of the Creston loop for all of you that want an intimate and beautiful tour that ends at a great restaurant and mixes in a little olive oil to boot!

1. August Ridge

August Ridge Winery Creston Wine Trail









2. B & E Vineyards

B&E Vineyards Creston Wine Trail











3. Chateau Margene Winery

Chateau Margene Creston Wine Tasting Trail









4. Olivas De Oro (Olive Oil Tasting)

Olivas de Oro Creston Wine Tasting Trail








5. Shadow Run Winery

Shadow Run Winery Creston Wine Tasting Trail








6. Stanger Winery

Stanger Winery Creston Wine Tasting Trail








7. The Loading Chute Restaurant (for the DINNER you will NEED afterwards!)

The Loading Chute Restaurant Creston Wine Tasting Trail







For complete map & directions go to and you will be on your way!



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