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The Evolution of the Winery Part Three

Law Estate Winery, Paso Robles, The Evolution of the Winery

Series Paso Robles Wines – The Evolution of the Winery Part Three of Part One and Two

As the evolution of Paso Robles wines became a growing entity in Paso Robles wine country, the wineries began to change in their look and in the taste of new and exciting varietals.  The winemakers became bolder and more creative with their blends and with that came bolder labels.  In the 2000’s wineries such as Oso Libre, Sculpterra, Shale Oak, Law Estate, Chronic and Cypher all tipped the scale with clean, modern branding and edgy design.  The names of their wines such as Cypher’s “Anarchy”, “Zinbitch” and “Loco” labels have the intrigue and pop that a different and new kind of wine-taster are looking for when they are looking for wine to buy.  They not only desire the taste, the quality and the heritage, but also a great label they can display on the dinner table at their party.

Loco Cypher Winery, Paso Robles WInesAnarchy Cypher Winery, Paso Robles WinesZinbitch Cypher Winery, Paso Robles Wines

Wines from Chronic are not only creative in their names but are each a piece of unique artwork that can be collected and passed down as the wines sell out and change with each new year.  Labels such as “Mr. Nibbles”, “Love Machine” and “El-Perfecto” are not only interesting and different but have famous Paso Robles wines inside such as Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Tempranillo, Grenache and Mourvedre.  Wineries such as Law Estate, Justin and Halter Ranch constructed large and modern winery tasting rooms and facilities to improve wine production and work with the environment.  Many other wineries are in the midst of starting new facilities or are in construction as the growing amount of visitors are adding value to creating a larger place to produce and taste their wines.

Mr. Nibbles Chronic Cellars, Paso Robles WinesLove Machine Chronic Cellars, Paso Robles WinesEl Perfecto Chronic Cellars, Paso Robles Wines

Restaurants started to evolve with the wineries as well and hot new chefs began making exquisite meals with a variety of choices paired with local wines.  The restaurants saw an opportunity to expand as well doing winemaker dinners, wine pairing events and having booths at the many wine festivals that now entertain the masses that visit Paso Robles.  Places like Il Cortile Restaurante, Artisan and Thomas Hill Organics create farm to table meals using local and sustainable produce.  They have top reviews from the community as well as visitors who love having a great selection that is high quality and from local sources.  Paso Robles now attracts tourists from all over the world as well as regulars that drive from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno and other cities that enjoy the culture of Paso Robles as well as the quick access to the coast.

Il Cortile Italian Food Paso Robles

Wineries such as Harmony Cellars have been seeing a large influx of traffic with the lure of driving down the 46 West visiting tasting rooms that eventually bring them to places like Harmony, Cambria and Cayucos to overlook the hills and coastline of California.  Many hotels and bed and breakfasts are also seeing a boom in business and are booked well in advance for the largest wine festivals of the year.  The convenience of apps like AirBnB also give a visitor a chance to actually stay in homes in wine country or closer to it for the full Paso Robles experience.  Tour companies such as Lush Limo, Wine Wrangler, and Paso Air Tours all cater to a customized wine touring day that keep the tasters safe from driving while educating them on the land and wineries’ history.

Paso Robles was named the top Wine Region of the Year for 2013 by Wine Enthusiast and the press on Paso Robles is spreading rapidly as more and more people come to see what all the buzz is about.  Bloggers and wine lovers from all over are writing about what to do and where to go when you get here.  As local insiders we are thrilled with the growth and culture that has become a vacation spot right at home.  We are excited to see new restaurants popping up all the time that always have an attached wine bar and local wine list such as Second Press, La Cosecha and Fish Gaucho!  Wine bars are also trending in North County with live music and light food selections to pair with the many varietals such as Avion & Claw in Atascadero, the Pony Club attached to Hotel Cheval, and the wine bar of Villa Creek restaurant.

Avion and Claw, Atascadero Paso Robles Wines

Paso Robles wines have also made an impact on the growing amount of downtown boutique winery tasting rooms which have a great bar atmosphere with a cultured wine tasting experience.  Places like Parrish Family Vineyard, Clayhouse and Paso Underground offer the urban wine taster the convenience of tasting their wines without the travel out into the country.  Other wineries such as Halter, Eberle and Robert Hall bring groups out for full tours of their winery facilities, educating about the wine process, showing the land and letting them taste the barrel wine as well.  Wineries such as August Ridge in Creston, Lone Madrone and Opolo offer their tasters food pairings during special events, weekends and to purchase in their retail boutiques.  Olive oil tastings at places such as Pasolivo, cheese tastings and local meats are also gaining popularity and visitors like the variety and synergy they can experience with wine and food. Ranches such as Rangeland give the wine taster an opportunity to tour their land and to have a membership for wine and local beef and lamb.   Live musicians are also growing as the opportunity for bookings in Paso Robles has openings at many events, summer specials, festivals, wine country weddings, and special occasions featured at the many beautiful winery venues.  Castoro actually has a multiple concert event called “Beaverstock” while larger venues such as the new Vina Robles brings in big names and large crowds.


No matter how much she grows, Paso Robles still has the home town feeling of smiling faces though. With warm and friendly greeters behind the wine tasting counter and kick back style, it is definitely the destination for feeling good while enjoying a perfect glass of wine in the sunshine.

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