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Paso Robles Wines – The Evolution of the Winery Part Two

Paso Robles Wines – The Evolution of the Winery Series Part Two of Part One and Part Three

Paso Robles Wines, Tablas Creek

The evolution in Paso Robles wines continued into the 1980’s with a boom in production steering the way by wineries such as Eberle, Adelaida, Justin, L’Aventure, Peachy Canyon, Tablas Creek and Castoro.  This was the beginning of the larger winery evolution that would be notable names today.  The complex Rhone and Bordeaux varietals started to spread and gain accolades as well as the community around them.  Efforts to bring tourists, locals and industry members together started to sprout which has become a strongly bonded group of wine enthusiasts.

The Paso Robles wines began to become a staple in local restaurants on the Central Coast and the wine country region became even more noted and popular with winemakers and ranchers who were looking to grow grapes and supply the demand of a trending culture.  It was the beginning of what is now at the peak of its notoriety and opened the door to larger opportunities for the Paso Robles commerce and tourist ventures.

Halter Ranch Vineyard

Wineries in the 1990’s began to sprout up from ranches that had been farming and cultivating the land, but now saw a great opening to also become grape growers and make their own wines.  Wineries such as Halter Ranch which has completely added a new tasting room facility to the grounds still showcases their historical ranch house and hosts dinners on the old covered bridge.  Other 90’s wineries that started were Lone Madrone, AronHill, and Arroyo Robles.  Wine tasting boutique bars began to take root in downtown Paso Robles and wine tasting could be accessed after a nice dinner or a during a stroll along the storefronts.

Paso Robles Wines, Bistro Laurent

Restaurant Bistro Laurent opened in the late 90’s and was welcomed by wine lovers for their fine French cuisine and their local and worldly wine pairings.  They were one of the first in downtown Paso Robles to offer a high end experience with a cultural trip through the synergy of wine and food.  This set the path for many more fine dining restaurants, shops and food specialty stores that are lining the streets of Paso Robles today.

Stay tuned for part three of our Paso Robles Wines – The Evolution of the Winery series where we will cover the new trends and expectations you can have for Paso Robles wines of the future.

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