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Paso Robles Wineries Mapping Press Release

Paso Robles Wineries are Stepping Up to the Latest Mapping Technology

Some Paso Robles wine tasting goers get by planning their winery visits using a collection of pamphlets with different map versions that can be difficult to decipher and piece together. Why risk the inconvenience of getting lost or wasting time pouring over maps when you can use a first rate concierge guide that uses current mapping technology to get you to the nearly 200 Paso Robles wineries with ease using your cell phone or tablet? Check it out, the site is

This is exactly what Lauren Lekai, founder of this NEW mobile mapping website, envisioned. “Technology can make winery excursions a more enjoyable, easy and enriched experience. Our area has become a tourist magnet and a hub of innovation. It makes sense for Paso to step it up and embrace mobile website technology that caters to tourists.”

Access to the website is FREE, it works on every mobile device and it is not an app so you don’t have to bother downloading it or keeping it updated! All you need is your smart phone or tablet to access the mapping and directions. If you lose Internet connection the directions remain on the mobile device. Some wineries include helpful last mile instructions with notable landmarks to make it even easier to find them.

In addition to being a guide, tourists can swirl, sip, savor and then record their experience from the platform. It works like this; participating wineries’ wine lists are loaded onto the site. Wine tasting folks can select the wines they enjoy, take notes and send them to friends or themselves via email or they can post them directly to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Wineries benefit because people have a record of their wines and links to the winery on hand for future purchases or visits. Tourists benefit because wineries are also fed the notes enabling the wineries to reengage with those individuals at future dates when, for example, the wines may be close to being sold out or when they are about to release a new vintage.

Another convenient feature is found when you click on the “quick” text messaging icon. Every winery has a large selection of preloaded quick text messages with their winery name included. People can chose “Meet me at Halter Ranch Winery” or “Wish you were here with me at Lone Madrone Winery” then add more text and send it off to friends.

There are many other fun features such as buttons that take you to a wide variety of wine tasting tours selected by insiders. Every featured business i.e., wineries, hotels, restaurants, olive oil tasting, breweries, wedding related businesses, etc. have their own mobile site within the site that they can use to promote their businesses…QR codes included.

So what’s next for this innovator? Lauren has plans to add review capabilities, perhaps Yelp, photos and other handy tools. She also has her sights on rolling out similar mobile websites with mapping and directions to other tourist destination areas and wine regions. “I’m all about making experiences fun and easy for people. Life’s short, happiness should be at the top of everyone’s list.”

Speaking of happiness, this “Paso Wine Man” video featured below will put a smile on your face. Very cleverly scripted and produced by Dina Mande at Juice Media and acted spectacularly by Casey Biggs. Cheers!


Businesses interested in advertising on Paso Robles Wineries: Contact Lauren Lekai 805 226-5555 or [email protected]

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