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Rangeland Wines in Paso Robles

I’ve had a bottle, an empty bottle, of Rangeland Winery Flora Rosé 2012 on my desk since last summer. So I think its time to write about this wine. Bottom line, it was fabulous. A dry rosé, not your grandparents “Mateus”. It is sophisticated, flavorful and elegant.

Rangeland Wine RoséI also enjoy the stories behind Rangeland Flora Rosé that can be found on the back of their bottles: Rangeland Flora Rosé 2012 is the third vintage featuring a plant local to their Adelaida Springs Ranch estate vineyard. California Bay Laurel (Umbellularia Californica) is a large hardwood tree with pungent leaves very similar to the common culinary bay leaf, with a stronger camphor aroma and flavor. The tree was valued by Native Americans as both medicine and food. The rich green seeds are food to animals like squirrels, birds and wild pigs. Their Rosé is a blend of all 9 red wine grape varieties harvested in 2012. We think this refreshing, fruity blush wine perfectly highlights the natural values and sense of place that is the essence of Rangeland Wines. We recomend that you make an appointment for a special tasting out at their gorgeous ranch. You won’t be disappointed! Winegrowers: Laird Foshay and Family Winermaker: Shannon Gustafson

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