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Superstar Wine Maker Neil Collins and More Wine Corks

I am re-posting the wine cork craft project article below and thought you would enjoy knowing that the beautiful winery in Paso Robles, Lone Madrone, also has a talented cork crafter, Ryan, the tasting room manager. He made an awesome cork reindeer with Lone Madrone wine corks. Applause!

Lone Madrone Winery Reindeer

No awards for Ryan’s crafting yet, but it is worth noting that there is a superstar in Lone Madrone’s midst; Neil Collins, the co-owner and wine maker who won the coveted Best Winemaker of the Year in 2013 by his peers. And Neil’s talent does not stop with wines, he also crafts special cider that is made in the Bristol, England style. Standing Ovation! You’d be wise to go to Lone Madrone and sample his delights. You can get mapping and directions to Lone Madrone on your phone or tablet at the website URL [youtube][/youtube]

Neil’s talents continue with the gorgeous wines he makes for the highly regarded winery, Tablas Creek in Paso Robles. Another reason to pull out your phone or tablet to get mapping and directions to Tablas Creek at the URL

Article re-posted from a few days ago: When you live in wine country utopia, i.e., Paso Robles, CA, you can end up with a lot of gorgeous corks. It is a shame to toss these beauties. So we used them to make a wreath that we will display all year long.

 Cork WreathHow to: You’ll need about 100 corks and somewhere to drill outside the house because it gets a little messy. Drill a hole in the corks being careful to move the drill bit up and down inside the cork to create a clear channel. Take a heavy wire and thread the corks. You’ll need about 20 corks for each strand and you’ll want to use 4 strands. That makes 80 corks in all, however you’ll need about 100 as you will find some corks don’t accept the drill bit as well as others.

We topped off the wreath with a paper mâché deer we found locally at one of our fav shops on the main square in Paso Robles, called Firefly Gallery.

Of course the funnest part is working on getting the corks for the next wreath.

Cheers from the prettiest wine region in California and one that has the nicest karma you’ll ever hope to experience!


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