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LXV Aphrodisiac Pairings Brings Sensuality Back to Wine

LXV Wine Lounge

Named as one of the top 25 experiences in California by Hollywood Reporter’s Michael Cervin, the LXV Wine Lounge, in downtown Paso Robles, invites you to explore the sensual side of wine this Valentine’s weekend with their exclusive Aphrodisiac Pairings. Inspired by the Kama Sutra’s spiritual laws of love, these indulgent pairings will seduce your senses and stimulate your pleasure centers into action!

The Art of Love

The famous “Kama Sutra” is perhaps the world’s oldest text on aphrodisiacs. Originally compiled in the 3rd century, its title, Kama Sutra, means “a treatise on pleasure.”  In actuality the book is a sort of lifestyle guide covering many aspects of living.

Aphrodisiac foods generally have some things in common, regardless of where redPRINTOLbleedthey come from. Some are rich in amino acids that help build strength and boost performance. Sweet and pleasing honey provides a sugar boost and contains some zinc, which helps support a healthy libido.

Spices, however, are considered to be very potent aphrodisiacs and are at the foundation of Ayurvedic medicine and cooking. The Romans used cinnamon and pepper as aphrodisiacs. The Chinese favor ginger. In Indian culture aphrodisiac spices include nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, ginger and Ashwagandha, an important herb being studied for its health benefits. In Indian lore a bridegroom is traditionally given a glass of milk with crushed pepper and powdered almonds for use at bedtime.

With wine there is a courtship – a ceremony, right from choosing the bottle, the various sensations of opening the bottle, pouring the wine in the decanter, the slow indulgence, the decadent pairings, and the last crescendo…

LXV is where the art of living and art of fine wine come together. Join us Valentine’s weekend for this special event!


Valentine’s Weekend Event

LXV Wines will be kicking off Valentine weekend with “Cheese pairings with Fromagerie Sophie” on Friday, Feb. 12th
$25pp | Club/Industry: $18
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LXV will host a sensory “Aphrodisiac pairings from LXV all through the weekend, including Monday, Feb. 15th
$45pp | Club/Industry: $35
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LXV Wine’s Aphrodisiac Pairings



LXV Wine VoignerWine: Summer Satine, Viognier

Aphrodisiac Pairing:
Honey Comb
Fromager D’affinois
Jack Fruit
Naan with Ghee



LXV Wine RoseWine: Heart Note, Rosé (Sangiovese)

Aphrodisiac Pairing:
Langres (cheese)
Barnier Black Provencal Olives
Absinthe Popcorn



LXV Wine Reserve SangioveseWine: Reserve Sangiovese, (Brunello)

Aphrodisiac Pairing:
Fougerus Cheese
Uni Pasta

Available for purchase with your wine club membership


LXV-Wine-Reserve-SauvignonWine: Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Aphrodisiac Pairing:
Pork & Pistachio Pate
Finocchiona Salami

Available for purchase with your wine club membership



LXV Wine Cabernet-SyrahWine: Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah

Aphrodisiac Pairing:
Smokey Blue Cheese
Bone Marrow
Pan Forte


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