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Vintage Wine Bottle Opener Arrives in Paso Robles

My husband recently returned from Florence, Italy and brought a little piece of his childhood back to Paso Robles; the family’s solid brass vintage wine bottle opener. It will have a special place in our home and bring us both back to memories of Florence, flowing Chianti wine, and happy times frolicking in the fields above Florence where we lived.

1950's Wine Bottle Opener From Florence, Italy
1950’s Vintage Wine Bottle Opener From Florence, Italy

We would love it if you emailed us photos of your favorite wine bottle opener so that we can share them on our blog (email address: [email protected]). I know that Jim, who works in the tasting room at Justin Winery in Paso Robles, has his favorite corkscrew that he found in Italy as well.

Now here’s something interesting, you can open wine without a bottle opener. Take a peak at this video to learn exactly how this is executed…okay, and also send us photos of your favorite shoes for us to post with the corkscrews.


Video by way of Kerry Brown. Thank you Kerry!

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