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How We Do Valentines Day in Paso Robles Wine Country #5

Today I felt like an explorer. With rain pelting my windshield the landscape around me was distorted, somewhat unrecognizable causing a level of disorientation, as if I had never traveled these roads before. I ventured through puddled roads sprinkled with vineyards, wineries, towering oak trees dripping with moss, and cattle grazing in fields. Finally I reached the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and 46 West clearly marked by its blinking red light overhead, an icon to locals. As I was stopped at the intersection I peaked at the directions and map on my cell phone from our Paso Robles Wine Country Visitor’s Guide to make certain I was to turn southbound onto the Pacific Coast Highway. Yep, exactly.

Harmony Cellars Winery
Harmony Cellars Winery

Once on the Pacific Coast Highway I was a few minutes from my destination, Harmony Cellars, a boutique winery located in a town so small that if you’d blink you would miss it, truly, it has a population of 18. It was difficult to make out any signs marking the exit road through the sheets of rain, so I moved slowly and made out what I thought must be the winery ahead nestled on a knoll above the town of Harmony.

I made it to my destination and easily found Harmony Cellars’ tasting room marked by a handsome set of carved wooden doors. Once inside I was warmly greeted and felt right at home.

So what does this have to do with Valentines Day in Paso Robles Wine Country? Nothing and everything. Paso Robles Wine Country is an explorer’s haven, you will find treasures around every corner. And on Valentines Day who doesn’t want to receive a treasure? It’s here for the taking only a few hours away from LA and San Francisco near some of the most beautiful coastline you can imagine. And when you visit, you will find out that Harmony is aptly named, it’s one of our treasures for you to enjoy.

Harmony Cellars Valentine's Day Gift Corner
Harmony Cellars Valentine’s Day Gift Corner

While in Harmony look for another gem, the Harmony Cafe owned and operated by Giovanni. I hear it is open sporadically, mostly for lunch, so you might want to call head of time. (805) 924-1219.




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