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How We Do Valentine’s Day in Paso Robles Wine Country #4

If you  have a significant other that is difficult to buy for, or is just plain difficult, you might consider Bristol’s Hard Cider as a gift this Valentines Day in Paso Robles. If you have not knocked him or her off their feet, this cider will.

BristolsIt’s a fun “hard” cider made in Paso Robles Wine Country with a heart and arrow emblazoned on the label..well, actually it is an apple with an arrow through it. But if you squint you can imagine an arrow piercing a heart.

Neil Collins, Paso Robles winemaker of the year, is also cidermaker of the year in our book. He crafts a selection of varieties in different casks, ranging from stainless steel to bourbon barrels that add an extra kick of flavor.  The cider is made in the Bristol, England tradition (Neil hails from Bristol) from 100% local apple juice that is packed with a traditional, dry flavor with a tad of sweetness, but not too much. Bristol’s is organic, gluten-free, and contains about 8% alcohol, far less than Paso Robles wines that can get up to 15+%.

So make certain to visit Lone Madrone’s tasting room (the Collin’s family winery) or visit their website to purchase the cider sooner than later since it’s so popular that they are selling out. Or find out which central coast’s fine establishments have Bristol’s on tap. (Hint, hint the fabulous, not-to-miss wine bar, Avion and Claw in neighboring Atascadero)

Speaking of arrows piercing hearts (aka apples)…don’t try this at home [youtube][/youtube]

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