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Who Knew, Gin and Vodka From Grapes? Only in Paso Robles

2013-Refind-BrandySo we all know that wine is made from grapes, but Gin and Vodka? How is this possible? We turned to Villicana Winery in Paso Robles, California to find out. They have added a brand, Re:Find Brandy (aka Vodka and Gin), to their lineup of offerings and creatively use the saignée or excess juice created during the wine making process.

Here is how they do it:

Re:Find Neutral Brandy (aka:Vodka)

Most Vodka is derived from potato or grain because they are inexpensive crops to grow, not because they are the best ingredients to use. Re:Find crafts superior spirits using premium, ripe, red-wine grapes. One distinct benefit of Vodka derived from wine grapes is the compound glycerol which is produced during the fermentation of grapes. Glycerol forms the “legs” in a wine glass and has a sweet, viscous quality that gives their Vodka a uniquely smooth, soft characteristic that you’ll enjoy.

Re:Find Botanical Brandy (aka: Gin)

Gin is basically an “infused Vodka” with the primary mandated ingredient, juniper berries (at least 51%). Re:Find uses 51% juniper berry in their blend and also add lemon and orange peel, coriander, orris root, grains of paradise (what could be lovelier?), and lavender to the blend. Most of the ingredients are sourced from fabulous central coast farms including, of course, the grapes used in the Vodka base.

So now you know more about Vodka and Gin thanks to Villicana Winery in Paso Robles, California. We highly recommend you visit this unique winery on your visit to our wine country. It’s the perfect stop for spirits lovers.



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