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Paso Robles Wineries Mapping on Your Phone or Tablet


Winery Mapping on Your Phone or TabletThe Paso Robles countryside has a maze of beautiful windy roads dotted with wineries. To help you get to your destination we have developed a mapping website with directions for you to use while on-the-go with your mobile device (cell phone or tablet), using the awesome website.

It’s important to know that GPS technology identifies addresses at the street level. So when you are driving out of town to wineries, our mapping will only recognize the winery at its street entrance. It will not recognize which winery you are visiting from an actual building (tasting room) or parking lot location.

Therefore, to get accurate directions using your phone or tablet:
1) Insert the street address of the winery you are leaving in order to get directions to the next winery.
2) OR search for the next winery at the street entrance of the winery you are LEAVING (if you have reception).

Winery Mapping on Your Phone or TabletFYI, some wineries on have “last mile instructions” that point out useful landmarks that visually guide you to their entrance.

With these insights we hope that you will have a richer experience while exploring our countryside that is more beautiful than any other wine region in California (our honest assessment). Have a wonderful time, come back and see us soon AND as always, stay safe with a designated driver.


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Topic: Paso Robles Wineries Mapping on Your Phone or Tablet

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