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Paso Robles Wineries Pairing Wine and Chocolate for Dummies

So many things in life are needlessly intimidating (parallel parking, Pilates, and filling out tax forms among them). One thing you should never fret about? Perfectly pairing wine and chocolate at your next holiday get together. You may think that—like purchasing a private helicopter or hiring an adequate butler—this is exclusively the art of the upper crust. We’ll let you in on a dirty little secret. Anyone, armed with these five tricks, can pair wine and chocolate like a pinky-in-the-air-expert. Impress your friends and intimidate your enemies!

Consider Sweetness

Yes—there is such a thing as too sweet, my friend. One of the biggest chocolate and wine pairing fails out there is totally avoidable and really a no brainer, when you think about it. This rule of thumb goes like this: Never pair a chocolate that is sweeter than its wine companion. Why? If that chocolate is too saccharine, it’ll make your wine taste like sour, tasteless vinegar. Yuck. Unless you’re pairing chocolate with sweet dessertchocolate candy squares wines (that’s a whole other post), go with a semi sweet-to-bitter medium-to-dark chocolate only. Is your wine fruity? Earthy? Nutty? Try a few different chocolates alongside your wine and watch as each brings out different elements in the wine. Ah, this kind of research can be pretty fun, huh?

Go for Quality

Chocolate and wine pairing is all about subtle nuances, so get the best quality chocolates that you can afford (it goes without saying that these Paso Robles wines are the finest on the market, so you’re all set there). When focusing on such a small nibble of this and sip of that, small details will come to the fore: the creamy texture of the chocolate; a whiff of floral bouquet in the glass. A cheap-o chocolate might be tempting to your wallet, but more often than not, you’ll end up with a mealy mess that no one wants to revisit. No need to go overboard on volume, however—a single, sublime square per guest per wine is ideal!

hammersky vineyards tasting room

Pairing tip: With consistent scores from Wine Enthusiast soaring to 90 points and beyond, HammerSky Vineyards offers up top tier wines in a gorgeous BUY-THE-WINE_Buttonenvironment (take a virtual tour of their tasting room here). With fruity notes of plum and raspberries, try the winery’s estate grown merlot with a fruity chocolate nibble.

Mapping and Directions:

Sextant buy the wineAnother winning choice that brings the fruit allure to the fore? Sextant Wines 2014 Holystone Zinfandel, reminiscent of cherries and red currants (it also recently won 92 points from Wine Enthusiast).

Mapping and Directions to Paso Robles Tasting Room:
Mapping and Directions to SLO Tasting Room:


spoon of cacao

The Dark and Light Side

This one’s easy to remember. The darker the chocolate, the darker your wine should probably be. A sultry, inky petite sirah is great with ultra dark cacao while a nutty chardonnay pairs well with a lighter chocolate speckled with hazelnuts.

Note: Some chocolates will showcase an acidity or fresh fruitiness perfect for lighter Rhone reds and refreshing whites.

Pairing Tip: A bold red meritage blend like Harmony Cellars 2011 Reserve BUY-THE-WINE_ButtonAria is a solid go-to for dark chocolate bliss that won’t over power either party.

Mapping and Directions:

The Truth About Tannins

Round, soft tannins in a big merlot go great with a smooth, silky chocolate texture, while a more bitter, gritty-textured dark chocolate will shine against a wine with more structured tannins, like syrah. Remember: If the tannins go too far out of whack from the texture of the chocolate, you the run the risk of totally missing one of the pairing’s most important attributes: mouthfeel. Ever hear of “melt in your mouth?” You want the pairing to do that.

BUY-THE-WINE_ButtonPairing Tip: The balanced tannins and luscious body of Opolo Winery’s 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon make for major mouth appeal.

Mapping and Directions:

Keep it Simple

Health science (and common sense) has proven again and Chocolate Cakeagain that less is more when it comes to indulgence. When presenting a chocolate and wine pairing, invite guests to savor the moment, talk about their findings, then move on. A little goes a long way—and no one wants to endure a tummy ache or the startling realization that they’ve just eaten the equivalent of ten candy bars in one sitting. Sweet tooth begging for more morsels? Bake a chocolate cake and serve for dessert. If you’ve done your work right, they’ll have had their fill of treats and want a doggie bag to take home.


Christmas Spruce
This blog was written by Hayley Thomas Cain, food and wine writer for SLO New Times and You can reach her at [email protected] or follow her on instagram @flavorslo.

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