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Explore Paso Robles Wine Country. We’re a new kind of mobile guide!

Paso Robles Wineries PhonesSo you are in Paso Robles for wine tasting and poised to explore the area. Brilliant idea, this is the most charming, friendly town and the wineries are world-class.

But where to start, how to get there, and when will the wineries be open?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had all this information at your fingertips? Now you do and it’s FREE!

Simply bust out your phone or tablet and go to which automatically formats to your “mobile” device including iPhones, Android, Samsung, iPad, tablets, etc. Everything you need is organized for you including the nearly 200 wineries, great tasting trails specially selected by insiders, breweries, olive oil tasting, restaurants, coffee shops, cheese shops, wedding venues, hotels, B & B’s, and more! is a mapping based website that has directions including the distance of the locations from you when using your mobile device. It also has the wineries’ business hours, phone numbers and a link to their websites.

Take a peek at the “Tasting Trails” button and select the trail that appeals to you, such as “Cool & Hip”, “Pretty Setting”, “Most Popular Wineries”, “Downtown”, “Close to Hwy 101”, etc. We are planning more trails including varietals so don’t be a stranger.

Features include:

  1. Mapping according to your location. Insert your starting point and the locations nearest to you will load. If you are not in Paso Robles yet use the downtown address: 612 12th Street, Paso Robles.
  2. “Tasting Notes” button for some featured wineries that you write on your phone or tablet. Select the wine you are tasting from the winery’s list and send your notes to yourself or to others. So save a tree and eliminate those pesky paper sheets that typically get mucked up and stuck between the seats or under the floor mats.
  3. Upcoming Winery Events  for some featured wineries.
  4. Quick text messaging (SMS) with pre-filled messaging options such as “Come meet us at Halter Ranch Winery”…especially handy for those of us whose texts typically look like they have gone through a blender.
  5. Linked-In, Email and Links to Twitter and Facebook from every winery’s page so you don’t miss a social networking beat.
  6. QR codes for every business that you can scan and share with friends.

Explore Paso Robles Wine Country. We're a new kind of mobile guide!While in Paso Robles, please drop us a note at [email protected] and provide us feedback or just say hi. We appreciate hearing from you and any suggestions that you might have.

And thank you for visiting our town, we hope ya’ll come back soon.

…If you are with a winery or other business in Paso, we would love to enrich your information and feature you so that people know why you are so awesome. Please contact us today!

Paso Robles Wineries
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Topic: Explore Paso Robles Wine Country. We’re a new kind of mobile guide!

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