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Why Should You Join a Wine Club? Because…IT’s AMAZING!


4906353104_8b2aaee9fdSo why should you join a wine club?

If you are like me, when I go to a winery and taste the wines, I usually only like one or two.  I buy a bottle and see if it tastes the same at home, with some of my favorite foods, and if it fires on all cylinders, I will buy a case!  Well buying a case isn’t the most cost efficient way to get wine but hey, I can’t drive up to the winery every Saturday for my bottle of wine, so what could make it better? A wine club discount!  Usually they give wine club members a substantial discount on their wines, and an even deeper one on case purchases!

Say you like several wines that they offer…well that is a SLAM DUNK!  You can join the wine club and never fear that the shipment will be full of wine you distaste!  You will get a fun package of wine on your doorstep, (WAY better than bills in the mail) sometimes a cool little gift or cookbook with it, and you can trust that the wine won’t disappoint.

Going to wine country on vacation? Visiting your favorite wineries in Paso Robles?  Then plan your travels around the wine club events and winemaker dinners!  The wine club events are a big party for you, the wine club member!  It has food, entertainment, barrel tastings, photo booths, grape crushing…well that all depends on the winery…but a little of everything fun is what can be expected!  You can pick up your shipment there, taste new releases, talk to the winemaker and have a discount on all of your purchases.  At winemaker dinners your tickets are discounted and you get the first news on when its coming so you can get in before its sold out!  These dinners are packed with fresh, local cuisine, chef quality ingredients and technique, and are paired perfectly with none other than your favorite wines! Foodie-wino paradise.

So what else do these wine clubs offer?  They offer the members options on their budget, the types of wine you want like only reds or a mix, special VIP lounges for you to hang out in, discounts on their bed and breakfast rooms, and so many other cool benefits!  Check out these winery wine clubs and see if any are right for you!

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photo credit: Ithaca, NY via photopin (license)

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