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Paso Robles Wineries Off the Beaten Path Wine Trail – Part Two

Paso Robles Wineries Off the Beaten Path Wine Trail – Part Two of the Series > Check out Part One

So you have gone exploring on our first post to this series and tried the first five Paso Robles wineries that we highly recommend for off the beaten path!  Now you are ready to take your adventure to the next five that have just as much charm, open space and excellent wine but in a new and different way!  Each one has a little unique twist so that you get some diversity in your trail, some great photos and some really good wine tasting choices.  So let’s get started!

1. Harmony Cellars

Harmony Cellars Off the Beaten Path Wine Trail Paso Robles

Directions and Info:

A great way to start your wine trail is to take a trip out to the beach!  Harmony Cellars is in the tiny town of Harmony close to Cambria and highway one.  The coast is just a skip away for a lovely picnic on the water.  Harmony Cellars is in hill country surrounded by beautiful views and a homey atmosphere.  The wines are a variety of reds, whites, limited wines and desserts.  My favorite is the 2011 Zinfandel which is rich in fruit and licorice aromas.  There is a beautiful outdoor space to relax while you taste and they have events such as wine club pick up parties and yoga classes!

2. Sculpterra Winery

Sculpterra winery wine tasting trail off the beaten path paso robles

Directions and Info:

Sculpterra is definitely off the beaten path but when you arrive you feel like you are in a magical place, similar to transporting into Wonderland where you can picture card people and the Queen popping out any moment.  Instead you have a sculpture garden full of exotic art with giant animals, a mermaid, fire and gorgeous flowers.  Once you get past the “awe” moment just outside you go in and get to taste some award winning wines.  My favorite was the 2012 Grenache which was actually suggested served slightly chilled which is perfect for summer.  Live music and munchies greet you on the weekends and the whole experience is a memorable one!

3. Terry Hoage Vineyards

Terry Hoage Winery wine tasting trail paso robles off the beaten path

Directions and Info:

Terry Hoage Vineyards is on a beautiful piece of property and is worked and loved by the winemakers with obvious care.  A lot of the wines are rich and earthy but my favorite is the 2011 “The Hedge” Syrah which has surprisingly smooth tannins.  The land and the friendly tasting room is like stepping into a place where you can relax and really absorb the true wine-making experience.

4. L’Aventure

l'aventure winery wine tasting trail paso robles off the beaten path

Directions and Info:

L’Aventure is a gorgeous tasting room and area with the flair of the French prominent throughout the wines and the vibe!  I have been to France, and this is a wonderful interpretation of the Paso Robles wines we have grown to love.  With a large array of varietels to choose from I settled on the 2011 L’Aventure Estate Rose which wowed my palate!  This is a great place to escape and feel like you are truly traveling through wine country.

5. Pipestone Vineyards

Pipestone Vineyards wine tasting trail paso robles off the beaten path

Directions and Info:

Pipestone Vineyards is about as Paso Robles countryside as you can get in the best way possible.  With two wines already sold out my next favorite on the list is the 2013 Viognier with it’s light but flavorful aromas and crisp entry!  This farm is sustainable and does their plowing with horses like the good old days, uses solar power, does dry farmed Zin and uses environmentally sound practices with their grapes!  The wines are excellent and you really feel good when you come here!

For more awesome wine trails keep following our blog and we will be posting more wineries to visit in Paso Robles!

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