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Paso Robles Most Popular Wineries Tasting Trail Part One

Paso Robles Wineries Most Popular Wine Tasting Trail Part One of the Series

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So we have been talking about sustainable wineries, wineries in the Creston loop, wineries that are off the beaten path and wineries that are cool and hip in Paso Robles.  Now we have narrowed down THE most popular wineries to the local population as far as wines, atmosphere, staff experience and overall vibe.  The first half will focus on the five top wineries in this section and part two will focus on the other five we think are top notch.  These wineries are beautiful, have lots of events, are well known and are always present at festivals and on restaurant menus!  Check them out:

1. Halter Ranch Vineyard

halter ranch most popular wineries wine tasting trail paso robles

Directions and Info:

Halter Ranch Vineyard is full of great things to do, some very good wine and a VIP wine club lounge.  They are on the west side of Paso Robles and have both the large winery facility and tasting room as well as the historical ranch house and covered bridge on their property.  You can take wine cave tours, winery tours and taste wine with a lesson on the wine-making process.  Their selection of reds, whites and rose’ offers a complex taste for each varietal regardless of your “go to” wine, I really recommend trying them ALL.  My favorite is the whole list.  So there ya go.

2. Adelaida Cellars

adelaida cellars most popular wineries wine tasting trail

Directions and Info:

Adelaida Cellars is not far from Halter Ranch so you can just scoot around the corner and enjoy this epic view!  Their wine selection is vast so there is something for every palate, but my favorite is the 2011 Michael’s Vineyard Zinfandel.  I actually had it at Robert’s with dinner as well and it was excellent with my steak! The small but homey tasting room houses very friendly and knowledgeable staff and did I mention the view?

3. Peachy Canyon

paso robles wineries most popular wineries wine tasting trail peachy canyon

Directions and Info:

Peachy Canyon has a wonderful selection of wines and a beautiful quaint tasting room that overlooks vineyards and a garden with a gazebo and picnic tables.  The service is friendly and fun and there is always something for everyone with their selection of whites and reds.  My favorites are the 2012 Viognier and the Incredible Red Zinfandel!  Peachy Canyon has a very wide selection of Zins from the fruit forward to the peppered up varietal, you can see why many of their merchandise boasts “Zinful” as the wine is surely too good to be angelic!

4. Castoro Cellars

Paso robles most popular wineries wine tasting trail castoro

Directions and Info:

Castoro Cellars is the music mecca of all of the wineries..besides Vino Robles amphitheater of course.  With Beaverstock and regular festivals and music events, Castoro always has something fun going on while still producing top notch wine!  I am actually a member here and have had the pleasure of sharing many bottles with friends and family.  A few of my favorites are the anniversary blend XXX, the Zinfusion 2011 and wait for it…their 2012 Chardonnay.  Yes!  I LOVE their Chardonnay, so buttery and smooth.  Definitely make this trip on the west side and try to do it on a day when they are having some great music and food pairings!

5. Justin Wine

paso robles wineries wine tasting trail most popular wineries

Directions and Info:

Justin wines are a plethora of choice with everything you can think of being in one place!  There is a restaurant, an Inn, tours of the winery and a great taste of wine in your glass always!  The winner for me was their newly released Rose’ which I had with a delicious burger at their restaurant.  It was paired with sweet potato fries and a homemade Dijon dip, had local fare ingredients and complimented my wine perfectly.  The open and modern space has plenty of room for groups and the outdoor area is peaceful and intimate.

Check out PART TWO for more popular wineries to visit!

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