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Paso Robles Wineries Maps | Part Three

Paso Robles Wineries Maps part three of the series of part one and two.

When you are about to set off into the afternoon sun to find wineries you want to visit Paso Robles Wineries Maps has some important tips to share with you!

1. Cell phone service is spotty in our wine country area.  Use “Step-By-Step Directions” mapping option when in the countryside so that your directions stay on your phone.  Live mapping will not work.

2. Conduct searches only when you have wi-fi or cell phone service.

3. Best work around for the shortfalls of GPS technology: When outside of downtown Paso type in the address you are starting from rather than letting the GPS automatically locate you.  This is because when out in the countryside, your mobile device will often improperly identify your starting location!

And lastly look out for blue “WINERIES” signs that point arrows and show you where to go! There are many little places along the way such as smaller wineries, fruit stands, ranches offering local meats and cheeses, fields of flowers and shady oaks.  Enjoy your ride, take your time and welcome to Paso Robles!



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