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Paso Robles Cool and Hip Wine Trail – Part Two

Paso Robles Cool and Hip Wine Trail Part Two of the Series > Click for Part One

So after you have gone to all of the Paso Robles wineries on the first part of this series, here is the second part where you can explore our final selection of cool and hip places gracing our beautiful wine country.  These places are a mix of beautiful scenery, hip architecture, fantastic wines, creative labels and a cool vibe in the tasting room.

1. Shale Oak Winery

Shale Oak Winery Cool and Hip Wine tasting Trail

Directions and Info:

Shale Oak winery has a distinct and beautiful tasting room and facility with grounds that have modern fountains, well laid out patios and stunning stained glass.  The sustainable establishment makes wine that not only is good to the earth but it also comes in many varietals and goes well with any meal.  My favorite is the Petit Verdot and I can always go to it for a great glass of wine as well as knowing it was made the right way.  The tasting room is a mix of metal and natural products with an open air feeling and a very welcoming staff.  The music outside during their live event days is the perfect way to spend your afternoon while sipping on wine and relaxing in the gardens.

2. Epoch Winery

epoch wines cool and hip wine tasting trail

Directions and Info:

Epoch has a big, open space for their wine tasting room that has unique architecture using natural elements and they really make the best of the beautiful sunlight.  The tables and seating all feel very cool and hip with the outdoor lighting, great views and clean lines.  The wine is exquisite and the vibe is very low key with the focus on having fun and drinking their many labels they have to offer.  My favorites are the Rose’ and the Estate Blend with the first being perfect to chill on a hot evening, and the second having a great mix of reds to go with any meal.

3. Cass Winery

Cass winery cool and hip wine tasting trail

Directions and Info:

Cass winery hits our cool and hip trail because you drive up to this beautiful country setting, then you walk in and the tasting room is modern, open, rustic and rad all in the same place.  There are tables everywhere to eat their awesome meals they prepare, which you can pair with their wines which by the way…are soooo good.  They are ALL my favorites.  They have a great mix with whites, a rose’ and reds.  All of them go so well with the food and the service is professional and friendly.  I think the vibe of just hanging out outside in nature while eating and drinking is pretty awesome, but then you see people ride up on horses!  So cool.

4. Hammersky Vineyards

hammersky vineyards cool and hip wine trail

Directions and Info:

Hammersky vineyards has a very classic look with a modern twist that makes it very cool and hip to all that enjoy their grounds and wine.  They are simple and have an open and airy tasting room that feels very much like a gallery.  The scenery and beautiful gardens are home to many weddings and there is a light and happy vibe here that makes you feel very comfortable.  My favorite is the “Red Handed” which is a red blend that is as bold as it’s striking red label.

5. Brecon Estate Winery

Brecon Winery Cool and Hip Wine Trail

Directions and Info:

Brand new and very cool and hip is the modern Brecon Estate Winery which serves award winning, delicious premium reds.  The scenery is beautiful and the tasting room is open and clean lined with a minimalist take on decor.  The quality and high end feeling you get when you are here is coupled with humbleness and gratitude and it is only going to get better as it grows in Paso Robles wine country.


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