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Make Your Own Nut Wine…Make That Boerenport

It was brought to our attention that Paso Robles Wineries has misspelled the name of the “Nut Wine” we featured in our last blog. This is great news because now we can pronounce it. The French port recipe made with wine and walnuts is Boerenport not Cboerenport. Much easier!

Also to let you know, this weekend we stopped by the walnut farmstand in the heart of Paso Robles wine country that we mentioned in the same blog. We first sampled, then purchased a bag of raw, organic walnuts. They are delicious and should add an interesting complexity to the flavor of the port.

Make Nut Wine - Walnut Farmstand off Adelaida Road Paso Robles, CA
Walnut Farmstand off Adelaida Road Paso Robles, CA

Tomorrow we are driving out to the Paso Robles Winery, Halter Ranch Winery, where we will pickup a bottle of Halter’s 2011 Syrah wine from Tony, the tasting room manager.

Accordingly, we will be two steps closer to gathering the ingredients needed to make our own Boerenport, nut wine.

Stay tuned!

Check out the video about Port


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