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Halter Ranch Vineyard – 2011 Syrah Stole my Heart!

[youtube][/youtube] Recently we had the pleasure of visiting Halter Ranch Vineyard and enjoying a tasting of some of the finest wine in the Appellation area in Paso Robles, CA. Their Rose’ had a buttery and smooth finish that was unexpected, and the nose on it was floral and fresh.  I look forward to having this wine in the coming hot summer months when I need a crisp alternative to my regular red selection. However, the wine that stole my heart was the heavenly Syrah, which was low on tannin, had a calm base and did not make my teeth clench like some of the young Syrah I have tasted from the area. The 2011 Syrah is a breath of fresh air with aromatics of violets, currants and clove that give way to deeper notes of blackberry fruits with a touch of dark cocoa. On the sophisticated palate, flavors of allspice and black cherry create a wonderfully smooth and savory first impression. This elegant wine breathes into a satisfying yield of earthy substance and a smoky finish. Enjoy with roasted meats, rich vegetables, cured bacon and heavy pasta dishes. Come by Halter Ranch Vineyard and taste for yourself their many varietals, and while you are here be sure to take pictures of the covered bridge, the historical ranch house and the beautiful grounds!  We had a great time exploring and meeting the friendly staff.  It made the wine “that much better” if that’s possible! Check it out > red wine Paso Robles

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