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A Perfect Couples Weekend in Paso Robles: Your Two Day Itinerary

If you’re a couple looking to create cherished memories while experiencing a mix of natural beauty, fine wines, romantic dining, and a dash of adventure, then our Paso Robles two day itinerary is tailor-made for you.

Whether you’re drawn to relaxation or seeking a bit more excitement, this carefully crafted two day itinerary in Paso Robles offers something special for every type of couple.

While Paso Robles isn’t completely off the tourist radar, you’ll find a lot more room to breathe here compared to other wine destinations. Imagine having extra space to enjoy those stunning rolling hills, just you and a glass of wine.

What’s more, you might be surprised to learn that Paso Robles offers an even wider array of wines than other California destinations. Yep, we’ve got more types of wine and more land devoted to vineyards, so there’s plenty for you to explore. So, if you’re looking to dive into the wine country experience, Paso Robles should be right at the top of your must-visit list.

Don’t worry about the planning part; we’ve already got your perfect two day itinerary below.

5 Reasons You’ll Love Two Days Paso Robles:

Great Place for Couples to Connect

Paso Robles serves as the ideal backdrop for couples looking to connect more deeply, and it’s a highlight in any two-day itinerary. The area’s serene, picture-perfect landscapes offer a tranquil setting that’s a world away from the daily grind. The peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty of Paso Robles create the perfect environment for quiet moments and meaningful conversations, enriching your bond and making your two-day itinerary truly unforgettable.

Wine Experiences Geared Toward Couples

In your two-day itinerary through Paso Robles, you’ll find that the wineries here offer a variety of wine experiences perfect for couples. Enjoy personalized tastings where expert staff guide you through a handpicked selection of wines, making for an intimate and educational highlight of your two-day itinerary. To deepen your experience even further, private tours of vineyards and wineries offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the winemaking process, strengthening both your connection with each other and your appreciation for the local wine culture.

Romantic Dinner Experiences

Paso Robles boasts award-winning restaurants perfect for rekindling the flame. These establishments offer intimate dining settings with exceptional food and wine pairings, ensuring a memorable culinary experience. Sharing a romantic meal in this wine country adds a special touch to your getaway.

Fun Experiences to Bring You Together

Paso Robles offers a variety of activities designed to create lasting memories. From exhilarating hot air balloon rides to leisurely horseback rides and hands-on educational experiences, the adventuress are endless. Relaxation can also be found in the region’s iconic mineral springs.

Accommodations to Suit Your Preferences

Paso Robles provides a range of accommodation options, catering to different preferences. You can choose to stay in charming vineyard cottages, immersing yourselves in the rustic beauty of wine country. Alternatively, indulge in the luxury of plush resorts that offer couples massages and spa services, allowing you to pamper yourselves and unwind in style.

Two Day Itinerary: Day 1 – Welcome to Paso Robles

Two Day Itinerary: Day 1: Fuel up at the The Steakhouse Paso Robles Inn

Fuel up at The Steakhouse at Paso Robles Inn

Welcome to Paso Robles and day one of your two day itinerary! Depending on when you arrive, you might be in the mood for brunch, lunch or dinner. Luckily, you can find ample portions and warm hospitality at The Steakhouse at Paso Robles Inn, ready to delight for all three meals. Whether you’re seeking a fluffy stack of pancakes, a fresh salad or a juicy burger, you’ve come to the right place. Pull up a chair and dive into the first of many incredible meals you’ll savor together in Paso Robles. Be sure to ask your sever about the Paso Roble Inn’s captivating lore (legend has it that Old West outlaw Jesse James often hid out here, escaping through underground tunnels running under the Inn).  

Stroll downtown Paso Robles

Check out Paso’s famous downtown square, including colorful Studios on the Park, boutiques selling local goods like General Store Paso and more than a dozen downtown wine tasting rooms. Head to Vivant Fine Cheese for a pre-made picnic basket of delicious goodies to enjoy today or tomorrow and be sure to enjoy beautiful Downtown City Park, the beating heart of Paso’s epicenter and a prime picnic locale. Take a romantic selfie at one of Paso’s colorful murals, catch a movie at Park Cinemas or search for bygone treasures at several unique antique shops. Need an added jolt? Fuel up at Spearhead Coffee Co., known for a range of specialty coffee drinks, lattes, pour-overs, cold brew and more.

Explore Tin City

Get acquainted with  Paso’s industrial-chic wonderland. At Tin City, fine wine, craft beer and hard cider plus freshly-made epicurean wonders collide in one ultra-walkable hangout. Grab sheepsmilk ice cream at Negranti Creamery, taste local olive oil at Olivas de Oro or check out what’s on the rise at Proof & Gathering Baking Co. Hungry for more? Taste local cheeses at Central Coast Creamery or stop into Etto Pasta Bar for a plate of handmade pasta. You’ll even find live music and food trucks at BarrelHouse Brewing Company, depending on the day!

Two Day Itinerary: Day 1 - Light up the night at Sensorio
Photo Credit: Chris Hardy

Light up the night at Sensorio

Take date night to the next level. At the intersection of art, technology and nature, Paso’s illuminated Sensorio exhibit awaits. Stroll this ethereal destination sure to inspire awe, adventure and shared delight. Honoring the natural topography of the landscape, this dazzling lighted exhibit is about a half mile in length and is also known to feature food trucks, accompanying musical experiences and more. There’s really no better way to work up an appetite in Paso Robles!

Dine on comfort classics at The Hatch

Ready to tuck into a hot dish together? Ditch the stuffy white tablecloth and enjoy elevated comfort food at Hatch Rotisserie + Bar, a Michelin-star rated restaurant where succulent rotisserie-grilled chicken, local produce and creative cocktails collide. While the food here is truly a cut above, there’s no dress code to speak of. You and your love are free to kick back among Paso’s unique population of travelers, winemakers and cowboys. Just a reminder: Save room for hot skillet cornbread cornbread or a slice of delectable house made cream pie!

Two Day Itinerary: Day 2 - Pelletiere Estate wine tasting
Pelletiere Tasting Room

Two Day Itinerary: Day 2 – Lets Taste Some Wine

Breakfast at Paso’s tastiest piano lounge

Excited for second day of your two day itinerary with a Westside wine tasting excursion? Before heading out, make a beeline for AMSTRDM Coffee Shop and Piano Lounge in downtown Paso Robles, where croissants are fresh-baked to flakey perfection and the espresso is top shelf. Enjoy the elegant ambiance paired with decadent croque monsieur or the cafe’s perfectly portable “brunchwrap” filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar, avocado, tomato basil schmear and a side of house made creme. Now you’re ready to take on a day of wine tasting wonders.

Taste on Highway 46 West

The day is yours! Head to Paso’s famed Highway 46 West, where warm, sunny days meet cool marine breezes. This popular wine trail is chock full of incredible wine tasting rooms offering a stable of unique experiences. Taste at Pelletiere Estate, home of delicious estate-grown Italian varietals and fabulous vineyard stays. Surrounded by vineyard views, you and your sweetheart will learn about the Willow Creek District AVA as well as the winery’s artisan grape to glass philosophy. This one-on-one elevated tasting experience is sure to enlighten even the most newbie wine taster!

Snacktime at Barton Cellars

Need a nibble? Stop for a gourmet snack on Barton Family Wines on Highway 46 West. This outdoor lounge is the perfect place for soaking up the sun, enjoying a glass of Barton or Grey Wolf wine and a well-deserved nosh. The onsite Barton’s Kitchen serves up seasonal flatbreads, light salads, kalamata olive dip and premium charcuterie plates perfect for a shared appetizer with your main squeeze. Afterward, stroll over to nearby Sextant winery, where you’ll catch a glimpse of winemaking in action surrounded by stately oak trees.

Other notable Westside Paso Robles tasting rooms include Four Lanterns, Hope Family Wines, Hoyt Family Vineyards Vineyard & Winery, Oso Libre and Venteux Vineyards.

Lunch and at Halter Ranch

Lunchtime comes with plenty of enticing extras when you dine at Halter Ranch, located on historic Adelaida Road on Paso’s bucolic Westside. Known for organic terroir-driven wines and stunning views, the tasting room’s distinctive sit-down lunch menu is perfect for two. Start with charming seasonal appetizers like heirloom burrata or charred summer squash before moving on to al pastor fish tacos, herb fries or a juicy charter oak beef burger laden with smoked cheddar. Of course, everything is paired perfectly with the winery’s celebrated Bordeaux and Rhone-style offerings!

Two Day Itinerary: Day 2 - Halter Ranch Wine Tours
Tours at Halter Ranch

Train rides, cave tours and more at Halter Ranch Wines

After lunch, walk off the meal with a guided Halter Ranch tour you won’t soon forget. This iconic 2,700-acre estate is home to several unique tour experiences: Explore gorgeous vistas aboard a Swiss locomotive or enjoy a vertical tasting beneath the majestic “Ancestor Tree,” the largest Coast Live Oak in the world! For couples seeking an added thrill, hop in a classic Land Rover Defender and roll on through the property’s breathtaking terrain. Back by popular demand, the Halter Ranch Winery & Cave Tour whisks visitors through a state-of-the-art production facility and the largest wine caves on the Central Coast. Keep your eyes peeled for an added bonus: renowned art sculptures dot this magical the property, making for fabulous photo opps.

Revel in an ultra-romantic dinner at the Restaurant at JUSTIN

It’s Saturday night in Paso Robles—be sure to enjoy every last bite. A paired dinner at the Michelin Star-rated The Restaurant at JUSTIN is unlike any other in Paso Robles. Located off Chimney Rock Road about 12 miles West of downtown Paso Robles, JUSTIN winery’s artfully designed restaurant offers up high-end dishes that reflect peak-season perfection paired with thoughtful presentation. With an elegant wine country dining area and educated staff, prepare to be guided through a culinary journey from chef’s garden to plate. Pair a seasonal multi course dinner with renowned JUSTIN wines or select from an award-winning wine list. Elegant prix fixe dinners and multi-course dinners are paired wine tastings that change with the seasons.

Entertainment galore at Park Cinemas and Vina Robles Amphitheater

You’ve had a whirlwind trip thus far. If a casual movie night feels right on the money, the Park Cinemas is a stone’s throw from Paso Robles downtown restaurants. It’s a breeze to walk to the theater, taking in Paso’s charming streets and old fashioned streetlamps along the way. If you’re in the mood for live music, we know just the spot: Impressive national acts take the stage at Vina Robles Amphitheater, Paso’s version of the Hollywood Bowl. This open air 3,300-seat theater located off Highway 46 East is as romantic as they come. Picture twinkling stars, incredible entertainment and oak-studded hillsides all around. Known for crafting iconic Paso-grown reds, find Vina Robles wine offerings plus local beer, snacks, sweet treats and more. 

Nightcap at Eleven Twenty Two Speakeasy

Feel like a nightcap? Discover Paso’s swankiest speakeasy hiding in plain sight! With a little sleuthing, you’ll find your way inside Eleven Twenty Two Speakeasy, serving up golden age cocktails with a modern twist. Located in downtown Paso Robles, guests are first ushered into a dark room and given some secret intel. With phones stashed securely away, you’re free to enjoy this mysterious hideaway’s mix of jazz music and retro-styled plush seating. Savor up to 90 minutes of Prohibition-era romance—more than enough time to sip an excellent French 75 or Old Fashioned.

Two day Itinerary: Day 3 – Travel Day

Enjoy a leisurely brunch before heading out

You’ll both be waking up a little later today. That’s OK! Sleep in, then head to the aptly-named Brunch Paso for sparkling mimosas and a nourishing and hearty breakfast including avocado toast, Eggs Benedict and creative breakfast sandwiches, tacos and pizzas, too. With an Instagrammable interior and lovely outdoor seating nooks, you’ll enjoy recalling the pleasures of your trip. Sweet tooth? Get ready to be wowed: Brunch serves up a range of delights, including traditional French Toast, S’Mores French Toast and decadent Berries & Cream French Toast. Fuel up because its time for the ride home, or on to your next adventure!

If you’ve got some extra time you can always explore Paso Market Walk, rent some e-bikes, discover some of Paso Robles Eastside wineries, or soak at River Oaks Hot Springs.

As the sun sets on an unforgettable two day itinerary in Paso Robles, it’s hard to shake off that bittersweet feeling. You’ve sipped some of the finest wines, taken in breathtaking landscapes, and perhaps even made a few new friends along the way. While it’s time to pack up and head home, there’s a sense of comfort in knowing that this gem on the Central Coast isn’t going anywhere. Rest assured, Paso Robles has a way of calling you back, and when it does, another perfect weekend will be waiting for you.

How to get to Paso Robles for your two day itinerary?

Paso Robles is an easily accessible gem located on the Central Coast of California. Its strategic location and stunning landscapes make it a popular destination for couples, wine enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone looking to escape the pace of city life.

Geographic Location

Nestled approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Paso Robles serves as a convenient getaway or stopover for travelers exploring the Golden State.

Distance from Major Cities:

  • Los Angeles: About 200 miles north, a roughly 3-4 hour drive.
  • San Francisco: Approximately 230 miles south, also a 3-4 hour drive.
  • San Diego: Around 360 miles northwest, roughly a 5-6 hour drive.
  • Fresno: Nearly 150 miles to the west, around a 2.5-hour drive.

Main Ways to Get Here:

  • By Car

With scenic highways and well-maintained roads, driving to Paso Robles offers a flexible and enjoyable way to explore the region. Car rentals are readily available in nearby cities.

  • By Train

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight service provides a relaxing and picturesque journey, stopping right in downtown Paso Robles.

  • By Air

The closest airport to Paso Robles is San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport (SBP), only 30 miles away. Regular flights connect to major hubs, and car rentals or shuttle services are available from the airport.

  • By Bus

Several bus companies operate services to Paso Robles, offering an affordable and convenient option.

Two Day Itinerary: Where to Stay - Allegretto Resort & Spa
Allegretto Resort & Spa

Where to stay in Paso Robles for your two day itinerary

Paso Robles Wine Country offers a diverse array of lodging options for couples, ranging from luxurious resorts and cozy vineyard cottages to budget-friendly hotels.

High end oasis


Relax at Paso’s European-styled resort complete with onsite spa, wine tasting room, pool and farm-to-table restaurant. Surrounded by verdant vines and decorated with museum-worthy art, this world class resort offers romantic packages combining couple’s massage, sightseeing excursions, tastings and more. Get the best rates.

Vineyard stays

Geneseo Inn 

Discover the perks of the vineyard lifestyle at Geneseo Inn, a luxury boutique hotel nestled in the rolling hills of Paso Robles. Built of industrial shipping crates perched above the beautiful Cass Winery property, wake up to exciting opportunities like equestrian and e-bike rides through the vines. Get the best rates.

Pelletiere Farmhouse and The Eastwood Cassita 

Choose from two top notch vineyard stays at celebrated Pelletiere Winery. The elegant, three-bedroom, two bath Farmhouse retreat is great for cooking, connecting and lounging while the eclectic, open-concept Eastwood Casita is known for Instagram-worthy vibes and majestic views. Get the best rates.

Budget friendly faves

Two Day Itinerary: Where to Stay - Adelaide Inn
Adelaide Inn Pool

Adelaide Inn

Enjoy Paso Robles’ famous hospitality, quality amenities and all the comforts of home at local favorite Adelaide Inn. Conveniently located at the intersection of Highway 46 East and Highway 101, this family owned bed and breakfast is known for delivering a cozy, quiet and romantic getaway. Get the best rates.

The Farmhouse Paso

Check in to the newly renovated Farmhouse in downtown Paso Robles, a charming twist on a classic Central Coast motel. With crackling fire pits, complimentary Linus bicycles and lemonade in the lobby, this reimagined Mid Century marvel encourages couples to slow down together. Get the best rates.

Cover Photo by Douglas Lopez on Unsplash

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