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5 Elevated Paso Robles Wine Tasting Experiences

5 elevated Paso Robles wine tasting experiences

There’s “good” and then there’s better. In Paso Robles Wine Country, we actually aim for reviews like “awesome,” “unexpected,” and “excellent!” with our wine tasting.

With more than 200 wineries offering elevated tasting experiences tailored to your exact preference, you can book your next wine tasting trip knowing you’re going to enjoy a cut above. From exclusive reserve tastings and scenic vineyard tours to illuminating barrel samplings, there’s an elevated Paso wine experience with your name on it. Onward and upward!

Oso Libre Reserve Wine Tasting

Growing grounds: Dive into a whole new world of small batch, boutique wines when you visit Oso Libre’s stunning winery and ranch. Featuring only the most premium wines, you’ll savor delicious charcuterie paired along with your tasting (plus enjoy in-depth information on each wine courtesy of a friendly tasting room attendant). Oso Libre’s newly offered Reserve Tastings are welcome to small groups and last about an hour—which, if you ask us, is more than enough time to get you hooked on their rich cabernet sauvignon or fresh viognier. Home to sustainably farmed vineyards and estate raised grass-fed Angus, you’ll leave this tasting room with more than a logo glass. Take it from us: you’ll walk away with a solid education and a new appreciation for Paso’s agricultural roots. 

Michael Gill Cellars Syrah Wine Tasting

Stellar syrah sipped here: Something magical happens when you sample the same varietal over multiple vineyards and vintages. Like a scientist, you’ll notice key differences in the flavor and bouquet both subtle and shocking. At Michael Gill Cellars, you won’t try just one Paso Robles syrah: you’ll try a whole slew (many of which boast gold metals and impressive scores). Specializing in this sumptuous varietal that swings from round and fruity to dense and tannic, you’ll enjoy an immersive education all while lounging in a European hunting lodge-styled environment. Is that smoky spice or bold black fruit in your glass? Better keep tasting till you get to the bottom of it.

Pelletiere Estate Winery Seated Wine Tasting

Italy’s finest: A last minute trip to Italy might not be in your budget this summer, but a guided seated tasting at Paso’s fabulous Pelletiere Estate Winery could be that dreamy getaway you’ve been wishing for. Specializing in sophisticated single Italian varietal wines, you’ll feel the passion at first sip. Farmed exclusively from the winery’s estate vineyard nestled in the heart of the Willow Creek District, sample five limited release estate wines, including luxurious sangiovese, nebbiolo, montepulciano and langrein, to name just a few. Of course, there is always a knowledgeable staff member standing by for notes, questions or a warm bit of chit chat. You’ll truly feel like one of the familia!

Sixmilebridge Comparative Wine Tasting

Sixmilebridge Tasting Details and Notes

Curious how glassware impacts your perception of wine? The SixmileStems Comparative Tasting tasting utilizes Reidel’s varietal-specific stemware for a more in-depth exploration of the wine in your glass. Head to the winery’s Peachy Canyon tasting room for this educational experience hosted in the Reserve Room. Compare reserve wines and barrel selections with an array of aromatic spice and fruit profiles.

Note: The winery limits capacity and assigns a personal wine educator to each party to ensure a comprehensive, unhurried experience.

Seven Oxen Estate Wines Private Winery and Vineyard Tour

This land was made for you and me: Family owned, estate grown and sustainably farmed, Seven Oxen Estate Wines exemplifies Paso’s dedication terroir and tradition. Now, you can leaves your own footprint on this stunning landscape with a Seven Oxen Private Winery and Vineyard Tour. Available Friday afternoons and lasting roughly two hours, this whirlwind experience includes a private tasting of current releases hosted by the winemaker, barrel samples, a gourmet cheese plate and an outdoor excursion through the grounds. Stroll through Seven Oxen’s organically farmed estate vineyard and pause to take in the views along the ridge of this130 acre property. Lastly, stop off at the tasting room for an educational tasting that illuminates the winemaking process.

Book now: Call  (805) 369-2710 or email: [email protected]

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