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Annual Events

Paso Robles isn’t just famous for its wine; it’s also a hub of lively celebrations, festivals, and events that bring together locals and visitors alike. Here’s a glimpse into some of the key annual happenings that make this region vibrant and unique:

Spring Release Month

Held in March, Spring Release Month is a time when wineries unveil their latest creations. It’s a season of renewal and discovery, as wine enthusiasts get the first taste of new vintages. Special tastings, winemaker dinners, and vineyard tours mark this joyous time, offering an exclusive peek into the art of winemaking.

Paso Wine Fest

The Paso Wine Fest, typically celebrated in May, is one of the most anticipated events in the region. This weekend-long festival showcases the best of Paso Robles wines, featuring tastings from over 100 wineries. With seminars, winemaker dinners, live music, and much more, it’s a festive occasion for all wine lovers.

Mid-State Fair

A true community celebration, the California Mid-State Fair takes place in late July and runs for 12 days. It’s more than just a fair; it’s a cultural experience filled with live entertainment, rodeo events, art exhibits, culinary competitions, and carnival rides. A must-visit for families and anyone looking to embrace the local spirit.

Harvest Wine Month

October is a special time in Paso Robles as the region celebrates Harvest Wine Month. It’s a time to honor the grape harvest and the hard work that goes into crafting world-class wines. Enjoy vineyard tours, grape stomps, winemaking classes, and festive harvest dinners. It’s an authentic experience that brings you closer to the land and the people behind your favorite wines.

Other Notable Events

Paso Robles hosts a variety of other annual events that cater to diverse interests:

Art After Dark

A monthly art walk showcasing local artists and galleries. More details

Olive Festival

Celebrating the region’s olive growers with tastings and demonstrations.

Summer Concert Series

Enjoy live music in the beautiful park settings throughout the summer.

Winter Wine Stroll

A delightful way to explore downtown tasting rooms during the festive winter season.

Our Events Calendar

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