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Wine Bottle Opener Dilemma in Paso Robles

Why is it that in wine country it is nearly impossible to find a truly great corkscrew? Each time I have purchased one, it ends up falling apart or breaking within a year or two.

A sommelier and friend who works at one of the top wineries in Paso Robles observed a wine bottle opener dilemma…that he is surprised at how little attention many wine professionals pay to their most important tool, the wine bottle opener. So maybe this explains the difficulty of finding top quality openers in Paso Robles and beyond…at least from my experience.

For now I am thrilled to have the solid brass wine bottle opener my husband brought back from Italy and we are exploring the possibility of bringing a few of the best corkscrews to market via our website.

Check out these Italian beauties. Their handles are either crafted out of olive wood, ebony, or real ox horn. Purrrrrr!

Wine Bottle Opener Dilemma
Italian Wine Bottle Opener

Speaking of Purrrrr…


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