Pinot Noir is the driving passion of Marc Goldberg and Maggie D'Ambrosia, husband and wife owners of Windward Vineyard. Windward Vineyard is dedicated exclusively to producing Burgundian style Pinot Noir. To make the "Great American Pinot Noir," one that rivals those produced in Burgundy, is the couple's passion. Marc and Maggie purchased and planted the vineyard in 1989 based upon the terroir and microclimate of the Paso Robles Westside. The combination of the cooling Pacific breezes, the calcareous soil and the 50 degree daily drop in temperature produce exemplary Pinot Noir. With the Burgundian French term, "Monopole" vision of total control over both the vineyard and the winemaking, the 15-acre vineyard is planted to four notable French clones. Windward Vineyard is dedicated to putting Paso Robles' Pinot Noir back on the map, following in the footsteps of two significant figures in California wine history. In the late 1960's, consultant Andre Tchelistcheff supervised the Paso Robles Hoffman Mountain Ranch property of Dr. Stanley Hoffman. In the 1970's, Hoffman's Pinot Noirs gained worldwide recognition, and were drinking well over 20 years later. Since the 1993 debut in 1995, each of Windward's SOLD OUT vintages have achieved inspiring acclaim, particularly within the community of wine aficionados who appreciate the layered complexity of Burgundian styled Pinot Noir. Marc explains. "We knew we could count on the vineyard to produce formidable fruit. It is living up to our expectations as it matures and continues to develop layered complexity."

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Episode 35 of the Paso Wine Podcast

In this episode meet Marc Goldberg and his wife Maggie, the legendary couple behind Windward Vineyard. While Paso may not be the first region that comes to mind for Pinot Noir, their vineyard has been producing world-class wines for decades.


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