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Health Benefits of Red Wine – Top 5

There are so many wonderful reasons to drink wine right?  We see them all over social media…things like “It’s wine o’clock” or “Wine makes me awesome” or “I’m a rockstar…when I drink wine!”.  However, all jokes aside there really are true health benefits of red wine!  “Moderate being?” you ask, well that would be a large glass for a man (3-4 units) or a medium glass for a woman (2-3 units)…sorry ladies.  Red wine has the properties in it that help with many different ailments like that dreaded aging stuff…but mostly it acts as a protective or preventative measure to diseases.  Here are the top 5 that should put a kick in your step next time you go wine tasting!

1. Prevents Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer is the 3rd top cancer killer for men and women.  Although many studies have shown that because of the anti-oxidant in red wine RESVERATROL many people are less likely to get colon cancer, it doesn’t prove it absolutely stops it from happening.  However you can add it to the list along with your healthy diet and exercise program to keep yourself in the healthy odds that it will pass you by!

2. Anti-Aging

Anti-aging due to the blessed anti-oxidant in red wine RESVERATROL is actually in clinical tests and has been proven scientifically that it helps with anti-aging!  This is exciting news for us winos and I look forward to seeing how they continue to develop these studies to help with other aging related issues.

3. Prevents Breast Cancerwine as medicine

This is a controversial one with studies going back and forth and everyone trying to see if this is true…the latest study however claims YES indeed red wine helps prevent breast cancer.  In moderation was the key phrase and red wine only which brings us once again back to it’s heavy antioxidant RESVERATROL.  Breast Cancer is another leader in the cancer killer list and any help with this horrible disease is worth talking about!

4. Prevents Dementia

Studies have been made on this one for a long time and the results conclude that red wine prevents Dementia and severe Alzheimer’s Disease in strict moderation due to the anti-oxidant that is reoccurring in every study.  When a person goes over the moderate limit however they increase their chances of getting the disease.

5. Prevents Blindness Disease

The holy grail of red wine (RESVERATROL) once again helps with preventing blindness by eliminating clustered blood cells in the eyes and preventing the overgrowth to happen in the future.  There are many different agents in RESVERATROL  that help with preventing blindness and studies are ongoing in this discovery.


There are many other health benefits to drinking red wine such as protecting the brain from stroke damage, severe sunburn and many other types of cancers, as long as you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle in partnership with your doctor’s orders!  So have a toast with that fresh bottle you picked up in Paso Robles, but remember to only pour your unit limit per day if you want all of what RESVERATROL can do for your body.  We suggest getting the best quality wine you can find that tastes AMAZING so you can savor every sip of that medicine!  For starters try delicious and sustainable wine from Shale Oak: Petit Verdot.


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