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Sunset Wine Tasting – A love affair with Rose’

IMG_1203It is hard not to fall in love with Paso Robles wine country, their sunsets, the vines all pointing to a beautiful horizon; but it’s even harder to not fall in love with the new Rose’ wine that is becoming a regular addition to every line up at the tasting room.  Where there was once only reds, reds and whites, or just ports, Rose’ has won a special place as some of the best wine for tasting, food pairing and price point, that has a unique and valid flavor to compete with our favorites.

Paso Robles WineriesRose’ comes from just adding enough of the grape skins to production that give it that pretty pink hue.  Depending on the grape varietal, the color can range anywhere from a light sunset pink to a deeper coral pink.  It is mainly made using the ‘skin contact method’ but can also be made by saignee and blending.  The wine maker can either choose to make the wine sweeter or very dry which is what many of the Rose’s in Paso Robles lean towards.  Many of them choose to blend and use a variety of different grapes to customize their flavor as well as their color.  Some tend to lean closer to a Voigner with bright citrus tones, while others lean towards a more buttery Chardonnay finish.  Served chilled, these wines are also very popular in Paso Robles due to the hot climates that start in the Spring and linger deep into Fall seasons calling for a dry complex wine that has the hint of a red, but can be refreshing and cold.Paso Robles Wineries

One of the Rose’s I recently tried was so good I instantly posted it to Instagram so that people could see the label and varietal to try it out.  ‘Sunset Rose’ by Four Lanterns is a beautiful blend and has a very floral aroma with a dry buttery finish.  The notes taper on peaches and kiwi and have enough depth to go with a savory seafood dish.  I paired it with Wild Alaskan Salmon baked with lemon and rosemary sauce which sang in my mouth followed by the Sunset Rose’.  In addition the Rose’ was priced reasonably so taking a few bottles or a case home will not break your bank or give you the need to hoard it from friends and family!

To check out this delicious wine and many others Four Lanterns offers (by the way…they are ALL just as good) visit them at

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