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Rangeland Wines | Distinct Wine Tasting Ranch Style

Rangeland Wines and Adelaida Springs Ranch was a pleasant surprise and a Paso Robles secret that is absolutely worth talking about!  Nestled in the hills off of the Adelaida Rd. there is a long and beautiful drive into the country that captures the essence of what makes Paso Robles wine country so gorgeous.  I turned off onto Klau Mine road and then entered into the gated drive that weaved me through oak tree canopies and tall grasses.  I slowly made my way up as I looked out for passing deer and cattle and followed the road up onto the driveway of Rangeland’s beautiful ranch house.  I was greeted by a friendly cattle dog and then by Laird who welcomed me into the bright and open space.

Rangeland Wines Paso Robles CA

I was shown first the views off of the warm terrace that surrounded the back area and he described the soils, the different terrains, the hills and valleys and why the wines came out as they did because of it all.  I was told where the grapes went and to what wineries benefited from his crops.  Then I was introduced to a crisp and citrus Rosé that had a butter finish and a smooth entry.  I was able to sip and listen as Laird talked about how their land was protected from drought and fortunate to have such rich soils and diverse terrain which made for complex flavors in the wine.  Their winemaker Shannon Gustafson has  been there since the beginning and you can truly tell she has her hand in her creations.

Rose' Rangeland Wines

The second wine I tasted was the Zinfandel which had a more tart and dry taste to it with a smooth earthy finish.  It reminded me more of a Cabernet but was impeccably flavorful and complex with notes of plum, cherry and limestone rich minerals.  Following the Zin I had two GSM’s from 2011 and 2012 as well as a Petite Syrah and the Limestone Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.  All of the wines had the same theme of rich minerals and both a smooth entry as well as finish.  I preferred the 2012 GSM for its bold fruit of rich dark cherry and savory taste as well as its floral nose.  I took home that and the Rosé  which wowed me the most but truthfully all of the wine was really divine.  That mixed with the warm host, the beautiful and comfortable surroundings and the tour of the land, rock and soil I felt really satisfied with my excursion to Rangeland.

Rangeland Wines Paso Robles CA

On top of being one of the best array of wines I have tasted, the quality truly came through with being a vine created wine opposed to wines that have many additives and are manipulated after harvest.  You could tell that the wine was derived in a more natural and healthy way and it was land made more so than cultivated in the barrel.  With the education and integrity of the hands that make it coupled with the belief systems in place I am not surprised.  Next I will visit for a tour of the ranch and see the cattle and sheep that make up the organic meat supply that Adelaida Springs Ranch provides the community.  With sustainable and quality ranching, I support this local effort and will continue to buy from the fruits of their labor to ensure this way of kind farming stays around for a long time!

Rangeland wines education on the land

Enjoy Rangeland Wines and Adelaida Springs Ranch club membership that provides organic and grass fed beef and lamb as well as sustainable award winning wines!  Take a tour of the winery, ranch and taste for your self by contacting the Ranch for an appointment >HERE<


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