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Paso Robles Wineries Featured Restaurant – Justin

Paso Robles Wineries Featured Restaurant - Justin

Driving through wine country there are many restaurants and eateries to stop at but I came upon Justin and I wanted to try out their new restaurant.  The winery entrance is bright and open with modern decor and a large wrap around bar for wine tasting.  I was greeted by smiling faces and saw a few wine tours happening as hosts guided guests around talking about their winery.

I was seated for lunch and I preferred to be outside even though it was a hot day.  There was a low, content buzz as people talked and laughed drinking wine and feasting on what looked like a very nice menu from their plates!  I was seated facing the vineyards and I got to gaze at the gardens, the trees, the sky and the many rows of vines.  An umbrella shaded me and I was comfortable in my seat, a waiter promptly brought me cold water and I gave him my wine order of their Justin Rose’!

Looking at the menu I thought I would go with something I was familiar with for lunch so I chose their burger and sweet potato fries.  The plate came with local grass-fed beef on a homemade bun, fresh and local side ingredients, in-house made Dijon and a large helping of sweet potatoes.  Every thing tasted fresh and the meat was cooked medium rare as I requested.  The wine paired perfectly with the meat and I was pleasantly full with much left over fries!  The price was a little high for your average lunch but this was not an average lunch in my book.  The food was exceptional, the wine was delicious and the views and atmosphere made my mid-afternoon feel like I was on vacation.  The dinner experience surely would surpass lunch so I looked into what they had to offer.

MarysChickenPaso Robles Wineries Featured Restaurant - Justin

Justin not only lists their suppliers proudly but they are all from local sources.  Their food comes from JUSTIN Chef Garden, Windrose Farm, Rutiz Farm, Natures Touch, Hush Harbor Bakery, Finely Farm, Pier 46 Seafood, Rinconada Dairy and Kanoloa Seafood.  For dinner you get a four course meal with dessert and a wine pairing for each course.  The food ranges depending on the season but a sample menu consists of Monterey Asparagus Salad, Local Seabass, Crushed Potato, Painted Hills New York Strip Steak, Cowgirl Ricotta Cheesecake or a Cheese plate.  The wines paired with the meal are award winners such as Justin Isosceles 2011 and Justification 2012 as well as the popular 2013 Justin Rose’ I had with lunch.  It is so popular it is almost sold out at only $20- per bottle and $240- per case!

Paso Robles Wineries Featured Restaurant - JustinPaso Robles Wineries Featured Restaurant - Justin

The Executive Chef is educated from the California School of Culinary Arts and has a great career in many popular restaurants such as KOI in West Hollywood.  The team also looks like an all star cast with a Sous Chef and three Chef de Parties.  You can even try a hand at making some of the dishes at home with their website link to their recipes!  Grab a few bottles of Justin wine and you can make your own wine pairing special meal.  However if you have the $175- to splurge per person on this amazing meal selection at JUSTIN, you also get the great service, ambiance, wine tour and meal prepared perfectly without lifting a finger. 😉

JUSTIN The Restaurant

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