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Paso Robles Wineries Best Sparkling Wines

Happy New Year to you and what better way to celebrate it than popping open a bottle of one of Paso Robles finest sparkling wines!?  We think it is the best occasion to indulge in the bubbles, the refreshing burst that hits your palate and the thrill of sipping that fizzy effervescence that tickles the nose and brings a smile to your face!   Starting the New Year right, we wouldn’t want you to be drinking that nasty champagne that gives you a crazy hangover tomorrow…no, no, no, that will not do!! So here are the top ‘lucky 7’ Paso Robles Wineries Best Sparkling Wines!

Paso Robles Wineries Sparkling Wines1. 2012 California Classic Sparkling Wine by Hammersky

Hammersky offers both a classic brut and a demisec sparkling wine.

The “HammerSky Classic” is a demisec, great for pairing with fruit and cheeses as a lighter dessert after dinner, bright and effervescent with a touch of residual sugar on the ending notes

The “Naughty Princess: Detained” is more of a traditional brut style; while not as dry as a French champagne, it has a much crisper mouth-feel, and hints of apple to pair perfectly with with any celebration and meal, including your event or party for tonight!



Paso Robles Wineries Sparkling Wines2. Sparkling Wine by Opolo

Opolo’s sparkling wine is refreshing, light golden in color and full of flavor with pronounced ribbons of bubbles. The palate holds effervescent notes of peach and apple that lead to a delightful finish. The sparkling is perfect for an afternoon poolside or the enjoyment of your finest celebrations under the fireworks in Paso Robles!





Paso Robles Wineries Sparkling Wines3. Flirtations Moscato with Bubbles by Opolo

Always seductive, this Moscato treats the taster with aromas and flavors of melons and peaches, and offers a floral and citrus like bouquet. Generally served chilled, this delightful wine is slightly sweet with a touch of sparkle in the glass and compliments fresh fruit, cheesecake and appetizers for that perfect party.





Paso Robles Wineries Sparkling Wines4. Grand Cuvee Sparkling Wine by Arroyo Robles

2009 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL . A delicious mix of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc with bubbles and zest!



Paso Robles Wineries Sparkling WInes5. Almond Sparkling Wine by Arroyo Robles

A satisfying mix of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc with added Almond extract, sure to be big hit at any celebration…especially tonight’s!!




Paso Robles Wineries Sparkling Wines6. Pomegranate BLING Sparkling Wine by Rabbit Ridge

A sparkling mix with a bubbly essential oil zing of Pomegranate and a refreshing finish that can be tasted alone or mixed with your favorite juice or nectar to make the perfect cocktail!


Paso Robles Wineries Sparkling Wines7. Peach BLING Sparkling Wine by Rabbit Ridge

The peach version of this sparkling wine is just the right amount of sweet and smooth offering a hint of peach flavor and a light finish that pairs well with both desserts and savory tropical dishes with fish or chicken.  Use it to toast tonight or mix it with orange juice in the morning for that perfect mimosa!

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