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Paso Robles Wine Country Humor

What do Paso Robles wine and art have in common? Wine Country Humor, the best medicine for what ails you.

One winemaker in Paso Robles, Neil Collins from Lone Madrone Winery, has put a smile on many a face with his offerings of outstanding wine and with his wit. He offers a wine that is a blend of  Barbera and Zinfandel named “Barfandel“. Gross sounding? Yeah. Humorous, absolutely yes. Is there a fun story behind the naming of the wine? I’m certain that Neil (who is also winemaker of the year) has one to tell…

Paso Robles Wine Country Artist

Then take the above artwork painted by a Paso Roblean that is masterfully executed in the most classic of styles. The technique, subject and palette are fittingly sober until your eyes happen upon the triple breasts. Oh my! That’s the M.O. of  Hellie, the artist. She enjoys injecting the unexpected into her classic art pieces. Occasionally you can find her paintings at Studios on the Park in downtown Paso Robles (a wonderful and unique art gallery that you should not miss).

So bottom line, if you are looking for a good time, you might want to swing by Paso Robles Wine Country. You will find refreshingly warm, fun folks who know how to have a great time.

To find Studios on the Park, Lone Madrone Winery and all other visitor destinations in Paso Robles, use our maps and directions at The shortcut to the mapping site for use on your cell phone and tablet is

Check out this video with Neil Collins. It is unbefittingly serious. [youtube][/youtube]

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