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Paso Robles Trending in Top Wine Country Destination 2014

paso robles wine country

Paso Robles is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for wine tasters and travelers alike.  There is a huge trend in trying wine on the Central Coast because of the location – right in the middle of California where city dwellers from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Fresno can take a beautiful drive or train ride and end up in a vacation destination.  The AVA is a perfect area to grow grapes and the winemakers are literally from all over the world as well as local.

The wine itself is getting more complex with the area’s growth and the cuisine is not far behind with trendy restaurants, artisan food catering and farm to table winemaker dinners offering perfect pairings to Paso Robles wine.  The variety is complex and there is literally a wine for every type of wine drinker.  I have tasted sparkling, sweet Moscato, bold Zinfandel, dry Sangiovese, hearty Cabernet Sauvignon, crisp Rose’, delicious Harvest Zin and many, many more.  I have become so spoiled that when I travel to say Monterey or down south, I expect a Paso Robles wine on the list, and if there isn’t one I am shocked!  Many of the wines that are made here and distributed are absolute gold in places like Texas where some of my family is more keen on wine clubs to get the wine shipped to them from Paso opposed to having to get wine in their local supermarket.

On top of the wine and grapes being rated as some of the best in the US, they have also recently been voted best in the world.   On top of having exquisite wine, there are tours through the vines, cave tours, production education, workshops, classes, festivals, events, music, lodging, and of course the quick ride to the beach is just around the 46!  Tasting rooms are seeing all ages and all types of wine interest, more educated consumers and people ready to buy cases of wine for dinners and friends.

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