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Paso Air Tours | Winetasting in the Sky!

Paso Wine Air Tours

As I lifted off strapped into my front seat in my first helicopter ride, I had that thrill you get as a child when something new and exciting is about to happen!  Wine tasting, I have rode in limos, vans and cars…even a bike, but never in a helicopter!  Paso Air Tours is a fabulous helicopter touring company that is locally owned right here in Paso Robles, CA.  They offer air tours with stops at wineries that have approved landing sites, full scenic tours of all of the AVA’s in Paso Robles wine country as well as a beautiful view along the coastline of California.  Reasonably priced and convenient to board, I am sure it will become a must-do for any visitor or local alike at least once in your lifetime!  They even told us about an excited group that loved it so much they did it again the very next day!

You start at your chosen approved winery or the airport- we picked J.Dusi – where you are given a beautiful adult “sippy cup” and you get to drink either a white wine or a champagne that they provide.  We tasted and loved J.Dusi Pino Grigio which was crisp, dry and had a hint of fruit at the finish.  From there you get to explore the helicopter while the pilot, Scott Sinton and co-pilot, Dave Brooks go over safety and tips for travel.  We got to fly in a six seat large aircraft that felt very smooth and spacious.  I had plenty of leg room and felt very secure while a full breeze kept me cool from the small window pocket in the door.  We all wore head sets with microphones so you can talk and hear without the noise.  I was able to look over the controls and see how the pilot flew as he steered and got us up in the air.

Paso Air Tours J Dusi WinePhoto May 15, 10 20 16 AMPaso Air Tours HelicopterPaso Air Tours AVA GPS Mapping

Along the way we had a guide telling us by GPS mapping where we were, which wineries, vines and AVAs we were viewing as well the history of the area.  It was fascinating to find out the different soils, varietals and ways the vines were planted that made the Paso Robles wine so spectacular.  We passed by gorgeous countryside, stunning views of the hill country, historical places, and beautiful pastures.  You are able to ask questions, sip on your wine and enjoy the ride!

Paso Air Tours Wine CountryPaso Wine Tours in HelicopterPaso Wine Tours ViewJ Dusi Wine and Paso Wine Tours

On your tour you have many options that they go over with you to plan your trip.  You can set down in wineries to taste, you can have a custom lunch made for you at a participating winery that you visit, you can just fly over wine country or you can venture out along Hwy 1 and see the coast such as Morro Rock and Hearst Castle.  The atmosphere in the helicopter felt comfortable and safe.  I was eager to look out at everything and take pictures as well as learn about the land.

Paso Air Tours HelicopterPaso Robles WIne CountryPaso Robles Air Tours of WineriesPaso Robles Air Tours of Wineries

Setting down we came around and landed at J. Dusi once again.  It was 100% better than any airplane landing and I felt like I was gently being set down by a true professional.  Throughout the trip they explained how they are the only certified helicopter service in the area that is an on-demand charter which means they can pick up and drop off anywhere they have approval!  They have the highest standards in the industry for their mechanics and the aircraft itself I saw first hand how clean and well taken care of it was as well as how easy the whole ride felt.

We walked back to the tasting room and continued our experience with the savory wines at J. Dusi.  I tasted their pure olive oil which was divine and was delighted with a small complimentary plate of nibbles to pair with our tastes!  Overall I went home with a float in my step, a great bottle of 2012 Zinfandel, a bottle of olive oil and a really cool sippy cup.  Smiling.

J Dusi and Paso Air Tours Sippy CupJ Dusi Tasting MenuJ Dusi Nibble PlateJ Dusi Wine Tasting


To Make a Reservation Please Contact > HERE for more information.

Book them for Festivals, Events and More = Avoid the parking and Traffic!!!  They also do special occasions and custom tours!



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