Kiamie Wine Cellars is a collaboration between two guys with diverse, yet complementary backgrounds that came together to reach their dream of developing a fine California winery.

Aram and Greg share a vision: to create truly distinctive blends not limited to a predefined wine style, but instead made from the best fruit Paso Robles has to offer, distinctively from the Westside Paso Robles mountain vineyards.

Kiamie crafts age worthy, high quality wines sourced from the best West Side vineyards. Letting the wines make themselves, being merely a "steward" or "conduit", utilizing both old world and modern winemaking techniques depending on the circumstances. Delastage is crucial to the Bordeaux program at Kiamie and clunky tannins are not part of their portfolio.

Their wine blends change each year after precise construction, with the components of each decided upon by their team based on years of experience.


Bordeaux, White Kuvee (Viogner & Roussanne Blend), Cabernet Sauvignon and Rhone-Style Based Blends.

EKiamie Wines Collectionvery year that harvest allows, we produce a variety of distinctive blends:

R’Own Style Blend - A unique Rhone style blend exhibiting ripe fruit qualities, intense flavors & velvety tannins

Meritage – A Cabernet Sauvignon based blend, well-structured to form a rich and traditional Bordeaux-style blend.

Kiamie Kuvee – Our flagship wine, blended from the finest lots to produce a wine true of distinction.

White Kuvee – This wine is consistently bright and floral in character, comprised of grapes found exclusively in the Adelaida District of Paso Robles.