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Here Come the Cats! Four Paso Robles Tasting Rooms that Love Meows

Whether they’re busy chasing pests in the vineyard or curled up on the tasting room floor, these colorful winery cats add a dose of furry feline fun to your next romp through Paso Robles Wine Country.

1. Hank’s wild adventure

Hank is a big, loyal six-year-old cat—but don’t tell him that. Seriously. Pelletiere Estate Vineyard & Winery’s four-legged companion actually thinks he’s a dog!

pelletiere estate winery cat

The large grey striped kitty boasts massive paws (perfect for swiping at ground squirrels on lazy summer days at the westside tasting room). “He follows you and is always rolling around at your feet,” said Pelletiere Estate Owner Janis Denner. When Hank isn’t searching for love or hunting down vermin, you can bet he’s sunbathing, surrounded by an incredible 360-degree vineyard view that includes elegant Italian varietals and a quaint farmhouse rental to boot. On occasion, the cat’s even been known to “wine hop.” One day, Pelletiere Winemaker Amy Butler discovered the feline at Four Lanterns Winery, more than a mile down Highway 46 West! “I promptly went to pick him up and brought him back to the winery. He’s settled in here and is enjoying life in the vineyard with sheep to keep him company,” Denner said. Not a bad life, whether you’re human or feline!

2. Face-down Herby

Since 1988, Peachy Canyon Winery has been known for its killer estate-grown zinfandels. More recently, another star has risen above the Westside Paso sky: A hysterical gray cat with a passion for napping like no one’s watching.

peachy canyon winery cat

His name is Herby and over the past eight years, he’s become as much a part of the landscape as the winery’s quaint gazebo and rolling vineyards. According to those who know Herby best, he’s friendly, he’s cuddly, and he sleeps in the strangest places, including facedown on the tasting room floor (maybe the tile cools his whiskers on hot Paso days?). If you ask his sister, Peaches, when Herby takes a mid-day snooze, he looks remarkably like a guy who has visited far too many tasting rooms in one afternoon. Let Herby be a warning to all: swirl, sip, and be sure to spit!

3. The Rabbit HOLE

You can’t really fall down the rabbit hole without coming across a mischievous feline grin, right? A Cheshire cat (framed, yet very lifelike) watches over the wonderland that is The Rabbit Hole, which features downtown Paso Robles’ only bubbly bar alongside a range of amusing epicurean gifts and fanciful Rabbit Ridge wines.

rabbit ridge cool cat canelli - winery cat

The purring doesn’t end there: Rabbit Ridge’s popular Cool Cat Canelli Muscat—best served chilled and paired with spicy salsa, Thai food, and curries—features a multicolored kitty on its label worthy of a modern art showcase. Created by Rabbit Hole Managing Partner Rick Riva and SLO-based artist Shawn Clark, the powerful feline figure was “inspired by the coolness of all cats and represents their bright nature,” according to Riva. Move over James Dean, this cat’s utterly hip.

4. Limerock Orchards Walnut Oil

Who says black cats are bad luck? For the past 40 years, Limerock Orchards has been dry farming marvelous walnuts and crafting gourmet walnut oil that adds a truly exceptional kick to salad dressings, sautés, baked goods, and more. While tasting room guests are usually busy licking the toasty oils off their fingertips, resident feline Slinky can be found grooming his super shiny, striking, and thick black fur.

Limerock Orchards Winery Cat

It isn’t easy to stay this pretty when you live on a walnut farm nestled in the hills of west Paso Robles (so much dust, dirt, and foxtails to contend with) but somehow Slinky manages to make it look easy. How do you do it, well-groomed friend? Please, do share your beauty secrets with us. Is it…walnut oil?!

This blog post was written by Hayley Thomas, food and wine writer for SLO New Times & She can be reached at [email protected]

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