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8 More Reasons To Join A Wine Club…or Two

If you are like me, when you go to a winery and taste the wines they are pouring that day, usually only one or two stand out.  What most people do not realize is that they are missing out on a multitude of fabulous wines, as wineries typically do not pour all of the vintages or varietals they make and often keep special bottles for club members.

So if you are interested in expanding your horizons or enjoying special wine not available to the general public, plus looking for great value and convenience (oh yeah!), then you should consider joining a wine club.

Here are the top 8 reasons you need to join a wine club…or two:

1. It’s FREE!

There is no additional charge to join a wine club, all you pay is the discounted price of your orders!

2. Special Benefits

You typically receive fabulous privileges such as VIP lounges for you to hang out, free wine tasting, discounts off events and wine, special events for members only and access to exclusive wine not available to the public. You also get the first notice of when winemaker dinners and other events are coming so you can get in before they are sold out!  These dinners are packed with fresh, local cuisine, chef quality ingredients and technique, and are paired perfectly with none other than your favorite wines! Foodie-wino paradise.

3. Convenience

You will get a fun package delivered to your doorstep, (WAY better than bills in the mail) sometimes a cool little gift or cookbook with it.

4. Value

Clubs offer discounted prices on all the wines they offer since they are selling direct, without a middle-man.

5. Regular Delivery of Wines

You know that you will receive the delivery of exceptional wine within a consistent time frame, multiple times a year.

6. Enjoy Exceptional Wine

You can trust that the wine you receive won’t disappoint. Wineries have to be certain that they provide superb wine that you are going to enjoy drinking. And isn’t it nice to know that a caring winemaker took the time to carefully select wines that will meet your club level expectations.

7. Broadens Your Horizons

Often people stick to the wine and varietals they know which can be limiting and, let’s face it, boring. We only live once, why not seize the day and enjoy wine to its fullest? Joining a wine club enables you, hassle free, to broaden your horizons and try new varietals you never knew existed.

As an example, check out these two exotic varietals: Bourboulenc and Carmenere.

Bourboulenc: This ancient white wine grape comes from the historical soil of Greece but grows beautifully in Paso Robles. The citrus aromas give a fresh and crisp taste pairing it perfectly with buttery meats such as pork, sea bass or giant prawns.

Carmenere: The deep red wine of Chile has come back in full swing boasting flavors of berry fruits and spice like black berries and black pepper. It has a smooth well-rounded tannin and has a kick which makes it great for pairing with rich foods such as red meats, hearty Mexican fare or Indian cuisine.

8. Elevate Your Expertise

A wine club member receives an education about wine through newsletters and other fun tidbits of information included in your wine shipments. Before you know it you will have gained a great deal of knowledge without realizing it!

Here are some Paso Robles Winery Wine Clubs You Should Check Out:

Brecon Estate
Cass Winery
Cayucos Cellars
Dubost Ranch
Hug Cellars
Jada Winery
Lusso Della Terra
Oso Libre
Peachy Canyon
Rangeland Wines
Rotta Winery
Sextant Wines

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