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6 Reasons You Should Wine Taste in Paso Robles vs. Napa Valley

Defiance Vineyard Views

Here in Paso Robles, it’s all about super friendly down to earth service, affordable tastings, casual winemaker encounters, and kicking our cowboy boots up on the furniture. Don’t us wrong, we love Napa wines—they’re delicious! Napa the place is also great too… it’s just not exactly the kind of wine tasting vacation we had in mind.

And, when it comes to the wine, Paso Robles has caught up with Napa in terms of wine quality, terroir, and offerings, too! The only difference? We don’t really feel the need to brag about it so much. Here are a few more darn good reasons why you might want to re-route your GPS South to low key Paso Robles for your next wine tasting excursion.

fan of Paso Robles Wineries wine tasting specialsCost

Yes, we should expect to pay good money for good wine, but when it comes to tastings, Paso Robles is way more affordable than our neighbors to the north. That’s a good thing, as you probably want to be able to try the wine before you buy it, right?

In friendly Paso Robles, tastings usually cost anywhere from $10 to $20 per person, and that fee is often waved if you purchase a bottle.

Napa, on the other hand, is known to charge $50 or more at the high end. Maybe it’s just us, but we want to save a little dough for a nice meal after we’re done sipping and swirling. Click here for amazing wine tasting, barrel tasting, wine purchase, hotel, and limo deals that you have to see to believe.

Plus: In Paso Robles, coupons are digital, so all you have to do is flash your iPhone to get a wicked discount. If you aren’t sold yet, you probably shouldn’t even read on!


Rotta Winery Wine Jugs

When you walk into a winery, how do you want to feel? Intrigued, engaged, and excited or freaked out and intimidated? If you prefer the former, Paso Robles is totally for you. Here, you get an intimate atmosphere with folks ready to show you the ropes (plus, it’s common to run into the owners, winemaker, or vineyard manager right there in the tasting room). Pretention has no place in Paso Robles, as you can see from a visit to mid•point, one of the oldest in the region. Here, even jug wine is elevated to high class (you will want to check out their gorgeously screen printed jugs filled with premium Paso wine). Not sure how to pronounce a varietal? Want to know more about the vineyard? You’re in luck! Paso Robles Wine Country is all about connecting, not condescending.

Mapping and Directions to mid•point Winery

olive and Walnut Oils

Paso Plus: Friendly winemakers, friendly farmers! Farm fresh abundance is everywhere in Paso Robles. Stop by the gourmet farm stand at Limerock Walnut Orchard or olive oil taste at Pasolivo and you’ll start to realize why SLO County is considered one of the happiest places on earth.

Learn more about Pasolivio

Super Stays

No one wants to go wine tasting, then head back to the hotel, with a “beautiful view of the parking lot.” Paso Robles’ natural beauty shines at a plethora of vineyard stays, vacation rentals, and hotels, including the Hampton Inn and Suites and La Bellasera Hotel, both of which offer luxury wine country stays without the high-end price tag.

Mapping and Directions to Hampton Inn & Suites

Mapping and Directions to La Bellasera

Paso Plus: If you book a vacation rental near downtown Paso Robles, you are set to enjoy more than a dozen walkable wineries and more foodie pleasure than you can shake a fork at.

Amazing combination of great wine & art at Sculpterra

No Reservation? No Problem!

Really? Seriously? Oh yes. If you’re group is under six people, you will have no trouble strolling into the bulk of Paso Robles Wineries for a wine tasting, barrel tasting, or tour. In Napa, appointments are (sadly) a way of life, as the region is so overcrowded and overextended.

Paso Robles has its fair share of fans, too, but more than 250 wineries and more laid back vibe allow for tasters to breeze in whenever they feel the urge.

The lush estate vineyard, manicured topiary, and elegant tasting room at Sculpterra Winery might feel upscale, but you’ll never be booted due to your lack of reservation. Get ready to be welcomed to the bar, poured a lineup of fantastic wines, and ushered into the fold. You’re in Paso Robles Wine Country now, and that means you’re family!

Mapping and Directions to Sculpterra Winery

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I mean, c’mon. Need we say more?

This blog was written by Hayley Thomas Cain, food and wine writer for SLO New Times and You can reach her at [email protected] or follow her on instagram @flavorslo.

If you’re looking for a place to spend the night in Paso Robles, checkout:

Adelaide Inn
Make Reservations

The Adelaide Inn is an iconic, locally owned hotel known for its friendly staff and lush landscaping. With spacious rooms and a convenient location close to highway 101 and the event center – home of the California Mid-State Fair – this hotel is a great choice for most travelers.


Allegretto Vineyard Resort with Background
Make Reservations

Majestically set among vineyards, olive groves and fruit baring orchards, the 20-acre Allegretto Vineyard Resort is a world unto itself, offering breathtaking settings that inspire and bring joy to all who choose this memorable wine country haven. Featuring 171 rooms and suites, on-site spa, grand ballroom, wine tasting room, and inspired culinary creations at Cello, the resort’s full service restaurant.


La Bellasera Hotel & Suites
Make Reservations

La Bellasera Hotel & Suites is an elegant boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Central Coast Wine Country. Influenced by Mediterranean and Italian architecture, the luxurious accommodations reflect the aged sophistication of the Central Coast region and the relaxed nature of the California countryside.


Hampton Inn & Suites - Paso Robles
Make Reservations

Hampton Inn & Suites Paso Robles is nestled in the Central Coast wine region, home to over 200 wineries, beautiful beaches, mountains and diverse attractions. Relax and revive in a comfortable guest room with all you need for a successful stay. You can count on Hampton to deliver value, consistency and service with a smile. We love having you here®


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