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5 Wine Trends You Need To Know

We get it. With social media tugging at your brain, kids running around, and work emails piling up, it’s hard to read up on every new wine trend. How does one keep up to date with all the new information coming out every day on polyphenols (yep— scientists keep coming out with evidence that they are outrageously good for your health), various fermentation methods (these just keep getting stranger), and revolutionary packaging methods that test decades of social norms (boxed wine: not just for the cheap stuff purveyors anymore). It’s enough to make your head spin, right? Good thing for you, we’ve gathered a few headlines that will bring you back up to speed. Consider these your wine headline cliff notes. Let’s begin!

1. Canned Wine is the New Normal


Canned wine not only offers up a solution to product spoilage (no uncorking and re-opening a bottle of wine, exposing the contents to destructive air again and again), a six pack of chardonnay also allows for new adventures to unfold far beyond the white table cloth. Outdoor adventures are so much easier with a few cans thrown in a cooler or backpack. Plus, handy cans are light, durable and there’s no need for a glass of any kind! According to Wine Spectator, cans are one of the fastest-growing forms of alternative wine packaging on the market—a burgeoning category that includes bag-in-a-box and Tetra Paks, the same packaging being used for juice boxes. Last year, canned wine sales jumped 69 percent to more than $69 million, totaling 739,000 cases in retail outlets tracked by Nielsen. That’s up from just $2 million in sales in 2012. Better crack open a cold one because canned wine is here to stay.

2. Cannabis Infused Wine is on the Rise

It’s a brave new world isn’t it? Our grandparents would probably balk at the addition of cannabis into their nightly glass of merlot! In weed-friendly states like Colorado and California, anything goes it seems. There’s still red tape to contend with for these pioneering producers, but that hasn’t deterred this new market from expanding. Whether spiked with CBD (which produces a non-psychoactive, feel good body high) or THC (the stuff that makes you feel—for lack of better words—“stoned”), you should know one important fact. According to Yahoo Finance, “despite using the name ‘wine,’ most of these drinks don’t actually contain alcohol. Instead, they’re being positioned as the ‘health and wellness’ versions of traditional wine.” Curious to try for yourself? Hey. We’re all allowed to have an experimental phase (or two)!

3. Vegan Wine is a Thing (Seriously)

But isn’t all wine vegan? Well, that’s a tricky question. Animal by-products derived from milk, eggs, fish as well as gelatin are often used in a part of the winemaking process to “fine and clarify” the wine before bottling. According to Sommelier’s Choice Awards, vegan wines will become a growing trend thanks to the increased popularity of vegan food and restaurants. So, what should we look for? Wines that are fined with bentonite (a type of clay) are vegan-friendly, as are wines that are “unfined” and unfiltered (unless they’re biodynamic wines, as animal bones are used in compost mixtures of the vineyards). Yes, it’s a lot to keep track of. Don’t even get us stated on whether gluten free wine.

4. The Rosé Trend has Grown Up

By now you’re probably a little sick of the phrase “rosé all day,” right? That’s probably because this pink drink has already been a huge trend in the USA for the past few years. What you might not know: this popularity has led to an oversupply of California grown rosé. According to the experts, demand is increasing, but not at the rate of production. That means that we should start to see a lot more site-specific, variety-focused rosé like bottles from places such as Australia, Portugal and Argentina. French rosé from regions outside of Provence are all affordable bottles this year, especially versions from Languedoc, Loire, Rhône Valley, Gascony and Bordeaux. Goodie for us!

5. Hybrids are Here

It sounds sci-fi, but growers have been cross-breeding varieties of grapes for years, creating unique half-breeds of all sorts. Hybrid wine grapes, bred varieties that cross vinifera (European grapevines) with other grape species, have long been a sensible solution to making wine in difficult conditions. Until now, they’ve also been considered second-class citizens in the wine world (experts have traditionally felt they lacked the quality of more purebred offerings). But that’s all changing now—and fast! In fact, hybrids are well on their way to true sophisticated status. Keep your eyes peeled. Perhaps they may even become the next hot trend!

5 Timeless Paso Robles Wines That Defy Trends

1. Kiamie Wine Cellars R’Own Style Blend

Every year that harvest allows, Kiamie Wine Cellars produces a variety of distinctive blends. Try their R’Own Style Blend – A unique Rhone style blend exhibiting ripe fruit qualities, intense flavors and velvety tannins.

Quick, easy mapping and directions to Kiamie includes 1 click to hail an UBER or Lyft



2. Dubost 2017 Grenache

Enjoy an infinitely drinkable wine that pairs with anything you throw at it. Aged 17 months in 25% new oak and the remaining in neutral barrels, the grapes are  25% estate fruit;  75% sourced from the winery’s next door neighbor, McGourty vineyard.

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3. 2015 Villa San Juliette Petit Verdot Reserve

This petit verdot is rich with complex black fruit. Extended aging in French oak barrels for 30 months allows the wine to mature with spicy oak flavors and pronounced tannins.

Quick, easy mapping and directions to Villa San Juliette includes 1 click to hail an UBER or Lyft




4. Iron Oaks Winery White Blend

Great wines and locally raised beef collide at Iron Oaks Winery. Next time you’re looking for a place to sip while letting it all hang out, stop by this roadside hangout. On a hot Paso Robles day, nothing beats a chilled glass of their chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier blend.

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5. Dover Canyon 2016 Primitivo

Get ready for aromas of violet and berry, flavors of wild strawberry and raspberry, followed by a crisp mineral finish.

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 This blog is written by flavor fiend Hayley Cain. Follow her @flavorslo on Instagram or at

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