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5 Ways to Boost Your Wine Knowledge and Confidence


When we first start drinking fine wine, we might use simple adjectives like “delicious,” to describe the experience. Sure, you can probably tell that the Paso Robles grown Cab you’re drinking is fruit-forward, but you might want to dive a little deeper: Is it tart like a blackberry? Sweet, like a ripe cherry? Jammy and nuanced like spiced plum compote?

If wine lingo tends to throw you off, no worries. In Paso Robles wine country, tasting is all about being accessible, friendly and educational (never stuffy). We know you don’t have time or to study like a sommelier. That’s why we’ve developed this quick and easy five sensory checklist to ensure you’re truly appreciating—and not just sipping—that bottle of Paso Robles wine. No, none of this will be on the test!

Feast with your eyes

See what’s in front of you. Take a moment to behold the beauty in your hands. Here’s how: Hold up a napkin or paper towel to your wine glass (a white background really helps keep the color in clear contrast). Is your wine blood red, more or a purple tone or a true, brilliant garnet? You should also make a note of the opacity of your wine (a.k.a. how much light shines through when you hold it up to the window). If you’re enjoying a nice white, does it have a tinge of gold or straw hue to it? Is the “core” of the wine a slightly brighter color than the outer edges? They say you eat with your eyes first. Well, it’s the same for wine tasting, too!

Sip the rainbow:

A bottle of 2018 Rio Seco Vineyard and Winery Rosé isn’t just bright and delightful on the palate—it’s a sight to behold: the color is a true, warm pink with a flushed, salmon core. “Pretty” doesn’t even begin to describe this one.

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Swirl (carefully)

You’ve probably seen folks swirl with abandon before taking a first sip—and it does look fancy, doesn’t it? While it’s true that all wine enthusiasts have their own unique swirling style (some keep their glass conservatively on the table; others swirl wildly with one fluid motion), there is a point behind this universal commotion. In fact, swirling causes a layer of wine to coat the inside of the glass, increasing its evaporation rate (and its scent). An initial five-second swirl will lift the fragrances into the glass, but some wines—especially richer reds—will also need to be decanted (a fancy name for what you do when you swirl). Think about swirling like turning up the volume on your car stereo. Suddenly, you’ll be primed to smell the bouquet ten times better than before. Just be careful not to swirl too enthusiastically…mishaps are known to happen.

Motion of devotion:

A healthy swirl of Seven Oxen’s 2016 Zinfandel conjures up a clean, peppery nose that contrasts beautifully with flavors of peach preserves, tobacco and sweet cream.

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Use your nose

Smell like you mean it! Now, it’s time to  really enjoy the full bouquet of your wine (and as we all know, smell accounts for most of any flavor experience). Really, don’t be shy! Poke your nose as far into that wine as the glass will allow. Is it floral? If so, what flowers are coming to mind, whether they be honeysuckle or violet? Is the wine herbaceous, like rosemary? Vegetal, like bell pepper or fresh cut grass? Do you smell chocolate, caramel, toast or vanilla notes common in the oak aging process? Some wines feature an elusive minerality factor akin to the scent of wet stone. Once you start linking smells to their real-life counterparts, you’ll be surprised at the words that come to mind. Juicy Fruit bubblegum? Peanut butter and jelly? Stranger aromatics have occurred. Trust us.

Sniff, sniff, hooray:

Eberle Winery’s 2019 Estate Chardonnay boasts a bouquet that is unmistakably oaky, which is quite common for a rich, classic chardonnay style. Still, a layered whiff of green apple and zesty Meyer lemon give that old school buttery profile a fresh twist.

Virtually Tour Eberle, click here

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Gulp greatly

Are you ready to take a big, big sip? Yes, you’re going to take mega-sip that is far larger than you ever would at a social hangout. You may even slurp it a bit. Why are we asking you to forget your table manners? It’s all for good reason. See, you’re trying to get as much information about the wine as you can, and the more wine in your mouth, the easier your tasting detective work will be. Seriously: Try coating every last tastebud! You’ll get a much more dynamic taste, every time. Whether you gurgle, chew or swish, the important thing is that you keep the wine in your mouth for a few seconds. Is it on the sweeter side, or completely dry (void of all sweetness)? Do you feel the tingle at the sides of your tongue that indicate a citrus-like acidity? How does the scent of the wine boost or contrast with the fruit flavor and/or presence of oak? What fruit or foods come to mind? These are all big flavor questions and  fantastically fun to figure out.

Have fun with flavor:

“Burnt cherry” is undoubtedly a good thing when it comes to the flavor profile of Hoyt Family Vineyards Grenache, well balanced with smokey pepper and gardenia aromas.

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Feel your way

Reach out and touch it. Wait, there’s more! Your wine sensory checklist is lacking without lastly considering the mouthfeel of the wine. If you’ve never considered this element before—or always felt a little confused when people spoke about it—you’re not alone. However, we are here to show that it is one of the easiest parts of the whole experience. Trust us: You don’t need to “feel” the wine with your fingers to sense that a higher alcohol merlot is fuller bodied or more viscous in your mouth than a delicate pinot noir. Lighter bodied wines will truly feel more sheer (less syrupy) as you swish it over your tongue. Ask yourself: Is this wine thicker, like a sauce, or thinner, like a fine broth? Is it the texture of juice, milk, or more like water? Similarly, there is no mystery behind the idea of tannin: Simply recall the last time you had black tea or walnuts, and consider how much of this moisture-wicking power your glass holds. Yes, now you finally know what “soft” tannins mean (yep: less tannin). Look at you—already a master of the lingo.

More than a feeling:

Spicy, tart and dark, Harmony Cellars 2017 Petite Sirah features lush, velvety tannins and a rich texture that coats the palate for a long, supple finish.

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 This blog is written by flavor fiend Hayley Cain. Follow her @flavorslo on Instagram or at

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