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The Rabbit Hole – New Sparkling Wine Bar Downtown Paso Robles


If you love the Paso Robles downtown scene, then can you imagine having a bubbly wine bar on top of that? Yes, we know…very cool.  You are walking around and you have just had dinner at one of the best restaurants and a couple of glasses of Paso’s finest wines.  Now you need a place to go hang out, somewhere that has a hip vibe, some fun things to do and some different kinds of wines as well as a bright, crisp finish of ….sparkling.

There lies the trick..where does one find such an illusive place?  Especially after dinner hours?  Here is where we introduce…

The Rabbit Hole. The newest wine bar in downtown Paso Robles.

Open daily from 11-6 pm and late on weekends, this fun corner spot in downtown is only about a block from the park center and once you step in you feel very much like you are stepping into Alice’s rabbit hole!  The clever twist on the theme relates to the tasting room being the primary place you can taste the award winning wines of Rabbit Ridge.  Their winery sits way atop San Marcos Road and has been producing wines that stretch nationally and internationally.  Many times you can catch a bottle in the exclusive Trader Joe’s lineup but its sold out all the time.


With a great selection of varietals including reds, whites and dessert wine, you also get several flavors of sparkling wines such as Brut, pomegranate and citron to name a few.  So you sit down with a glass in front of you and you look around; there are pink and black stripes adorning the bar, decorations of Wonderland all around, giant signs and rabbits looking down upon you and you feel like smiling.  There is no snubbery here, just fun and bubbles and some damn good wine.

Games are situated with seating for you to play and sip, great gifts, souvenirs and wine accessories are spread throughout the tasting room and sometimes you will get to pair your wines and bubbles with little nibbles and cheese.  You will find artistic touches everywhere and an open and comfortable environment for adult fun.

1244 Pine Street, Downtown Paso Robles

For mapping and directions click HERE

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