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The Complete Map for Paso Robles Wine Country? Where does it all fit?

Paso Robles wine country is vast.  Wineries and breweries here move, change their name, pop up out in the vineyards and in downtown Paso Robles!  So how does it all fit into one map and how do we keep up with all the changes?  Luckily we live here!  We are hands on with the wineries and breweries, restaurants, hotels, events, sweet shops….if it’s a tourist destination or just a plain ol’ locals destination…we know about it.  We go out and taste the wines!  We talk to the wine makers, the owners, the tasting room staff and the visitors that call us and ask “where do we start??” because sometimes just looking at all the options can be pretty overwhelming.

That is why we made a map that has everybody on it related to wine and beer.  We wanted you to be able to see the little boutique winery in the hole in the wall, the big name guys, the trendy new brewery in the industrial area, and the small town brew that locals rave about.  To do that we shed blood, sweat and tears to fit it all into one piece of paper that was easy to read, had some great wine trails, gave you listing information for easy location and a back up plan which is our mobile site listing directions and mapping.

We regularly update our digital version you can download and print out from home and made it fit on standard paper, we print out and distribute our larger two sided map quarterly, not just annually and we make sure we add in some great places to eat, stay and play!  Don’t miss out on that little winery that makes outstanding wine, don’t miss out on that new brewery that is breaking the mold, and don’t miss out on the fun events you can go to while you are here.

Take a trip to all the unique boutique wineries such as Bodega de Edgar, Brecon Estate, Clavo Cellars,
Soaring Hawk Vineyard, Poalillo and Four Lanterns Winery.  Go adventure out to wineries that offer amazing wine clubs such as Sextant, Sculpterra, Rotta Winery, Rangeland Wines and Jada Cellars.  Try out some of the big names such as Peachy Canyon Winery, Opolo Vineyards, Oso Libre Winery and Ranch, Shale Oak Winery and Rabbit Ridge.  Or maybe you want a winery that is sustainable like HammerSky Vineyards and Dubost Winery. On your way to the coast stop by great picnic spot wineries such as Lone Madrone, Arroyo Robles downtown in Paso and out on highway 1 visit Harmony Cellars.  Those are just a few and completely different places that give you a unique experience and a great glass of wine.

J Dusi Wine TastingWe love Paso Robles…we love our guests and we want to share our home with you.  Maybe we will be sitting next to you at a tasting room bar, across from you at the winemaker’s dinner, or dancing with you at an industry party…but be sure that we are always here to give you the latest and greatest on behalf of Paso Robles wine country.

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