Paso Robles Wineries How they landed here

Discover the perfect wineries in Paso Robles tailored to your taste. Whether you're seeking wineries offering specific amenities or planning your unique wine-tasting route, our guide provides easy mapping and directions. From sustainable to dog friendly-downtown Paso to just off Highway 101, there's a winery (or many wineries) that will meet your needs and tastes.

Plan your perfect wine tasting adventure in Paso Robles Wine Country by selecting the wineries that offer the specific amenities you're searching for. Explore and savor the finest selections of the Paso Robles region today

Wineries with Food

Wineries with food offer a little more to hungry visitors. From cheese and spice pairings to full restaurant service, these wineries offer tasty snacks or full meals to go with your favorite wines.

Boutique Wineries

Boutique Wineries are usually smaller than others in their region and maintain a close relationship with their customers. They often view making wine as an art more than as a business.

Canned Wine - Yes! Wines in a Can

Canned wine allows wine enthusiasts to enjoy their wine while taking in the great outdoors. These single-serving cans of white wine, cans of rosé wine, cans of red wines and champagne can be conveniently thrown in your cooler, backpack, beach bag or saddle bag.

Cool & Hip Wineries

Are you looking for the latest in wine trends to hit the Central Coast? Then visit these Cool and Hip Wineries for their modern architectural styles & edgy wines.

Dog Friendly Wineries

There are many dog friendly wineries in Paso Robles and the surrounding area. And with some fresh water, treats and shade, they’ll be as comfortable as you. Several of these wineries also have trails or gardens so you can take your furry friend for a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

Downtown Paso Robles Wineries

Downtown Paso Robles has some great wine tasting in boutique tasting rooms close to restaurants, shops and hotels. These locations are accessible for a walking or biking trail!

Kid Friendly Wineries

Paso Robles wine country is home to a growing list of family friendly wineries and tasting rooms. These wineries offer fun zones and activities for the kids so you can enjoy an amazing wine tasting experience!

Lunch Served

Enjoy the fine wines and delicious fare of these Paso Robles wineries that serve lunch.

Wineries East of Highway 101

East of Highway 101 there are many unique wineries varying in style and ambiance. You'll find diverse wine tasting experiences on Paso's eastside.

Wineries West of Highway 101

West of Highway 101 is one of the most picturesque areas of the Central Coast. Meander through ancient oaks and rolling hills to some of our best winery locations.

Wineries with EV Charging Stations

Several Paso Robles wineries have EV Charging Stations, making it convenient to enjoy wine tasting while charging your car.

Italian Varietals

Looking for Italian style wines on the Central coast? Then try out these wineries with Italian Varietals to explore some classic Italian wines.

Wineries Off The Beaten Path

Paso Robles wine tasting off the beaten path takes you to special and unique places with intimate wine tasting, beautiful scenery and exquisite wine.

Pacific Coast Wineries on Highway 1

Continue west of Paso Robles to the ocean and you'll find a few boutique wineries right on the coast, along Highway 1. These wineries offer ocean views and a cool sea breeze to add to your wine tasting experience.

Old School Winemaking

See how wine was made ‘back in the day’ at wineries that still hold true to that tradition. Experience Old School Winemaking at these wineries!

Wineries with a Pretty Setting

Paso Robles wine country has some of the most breathtaking views at many of the wineries here. Picnic at these wineries and enjoy their amazing scenery and wines.

Wineries Where You can Picnic

Include a stop at one of these lovely wineries for a picnic lunch to enjoy the simple pleasures, warm hospitality and amazing scenery of Paso Robles Wine Country.

Sustainable Estate-Grown Beef at Wineries

Locally raised and sustainable beef is available at wineries in Paso Robles! After all ranching has been a staple of Paso since the 1800’s. We are not only Wine Country, but Cowboy Country!

Sustainable Wineries

Sustainable Wineries are on the rise in Paso Robles, CA. Choosing to minimize their impact on the surrounding environment, these wineries bring balance and unique landscaping to the area.

Winery and Cave Tours

Winery and cave tours are a fun way to learn more about the wine you’re tasting. See how the wine is made and where it’s stored on these informative, interactive tours.

Wineries Near Highway 101

Wineries near highway 101 are mixed throughout wine country & downtown Paso Robles. These wineries are conveniently located near the 101 for a quick stop or daylong adventure.