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First, in order to hail an Uber Driver, you need the updated Uber app downloaded onto your phone. Currently, there are a limited number of Uber Drivers available for transportation needed on the fly, hence, it is best to reserve a Driver ahead of time on the Uber app – note that Drivers may not be able to stay with you for your entire scheduled day of wine tasting. As an alternative, we highly recommend reserving a reliable mode of transportation, Touring Companies with excellent reputations, such as: The Wine Line, Toast Tours and Breakaway Tours.

    1. 1. Because Paso is experiencing a high influx of wine enthusiasts to Paso Robles Wine Country, make your wine tasting reservations WELL AHEAD of time. Some wineries require reservations, many welcome walk-ins  – download a curated list that shows which wineries welcome walk-ins – also included in the list are restaurant, bars, gelato, and hiking trail recommendations.
      2. Each winery has their own reservation system available through their website and some smaller wineries take reservations via an email or telephone call. If you would like custom assistance with selecting unique wineries, we have great recommendations! Email us at [email protected]
    1. 3. Get your Wine Tasting COUPONS from our website which will leave you with more money to spend on wine that you can enjoy at home!
      4. If you have reserved an Uber Driver, he/she will pick you up at your location and drop you off wherever you request – Reminder, not all Drivers will be able to stay with you for your day of wine tasting – hence our recommendation to hire a professional Tour Company (see above recommendations).
      5. If you have not reserved an Uber Driver, and need one on the fly, you can request one on the app. If a Driver is available, they will meet you at your location.
      6. Be certain to ask your Driver to stay with you for the day, otherwise you have a very high risk of being stranded at a winery. (As noted not all Uber Drivers will be available to stay with you for the entirety of your tastings).
      7. If the Driver is able to stay with you for the day, the Driver will end the trip upon your request, at the location you request.