Soaring Hawk Vineyards

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4255 Vista Del Lago, Santa Margarita, CA 93453 | (805) 365-3000 | | Mapping and Directions to Soaring Hawk Vineyards | Hours: By Appointment Only


Wines Produced:

Red Blend, Roussanne, Syrah Rosé, Viognier, White Blend, Zinfandel.



Winery Profile:

At Soaring Hawk Vineyards, we’re passionate about wine! There is a spiritual connection to all aspects of wine – from the dependency of grapes on water, soil, air and sunshine to sustain growth in the vineyard; to the celebration of harvest and the marriage of the yeast and grapes during fermentation; to the reconnection to the earth as it is aged in oak; then to waiting for just the right day and time to open that special bottle; and finally to the pure pleasure and enjoyment of drinking and sharing the wine, hopefully with friends and others who share the same passion.

We started making wine back in 1999 and began a small estate vineyard in 2001 with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah in northern Los Angeles County. Our commercial adventure began in 2008 when a bunch of friends got together and decided it would be “fun” (and yes, hard work!) to start a winery and be a part of the wine industry in California’s beautiful Central Coast. We found a property we absolutely love, built a winery building on it and six years later, Joe & Jill Fariss and Richard & Ann Gayou are seeing that beautiful dream actually happen!

In March 2013, we received our licenses and permits allowing us to make and sell wine from our own facility. It was a long time in the making, but we couldn’t be more enthusiastic! Our first release begins with 24 cases of 2009 Syrah from the west side of Paso Robles. The 2013 and 2014 harvests at our new facility has increased that first volume 10 times and we hope to continue to grow, but just enough to keep it fun and allow us to have a very close hand in every aspect of the process!

We are a very small boutique winery in beautiful Santa Margarita, California. If you’ll be visiting the Central Coast, send us an email ( or fill out the “Contact Form” on our website and come on out for a visit. The owners are the only “employees” so you’re sure to meet one of us – including the winemaker – during your visit. We love to share stories – and wine!


Winery Accolades:

2013 Zinfandel | Gold – California Mid State Fair’s Central Coast Wine Competition

2013 Bella Margarita | Gold – California Mid State Fair’s Central Coast Wine Competition

2013 Entwined | Bronze – California Mid State Fair’s Central Coast Wine Competition

2014 Whitehawk | Bronze – California Mid State Fair’s Central Coast Wine Competition



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