Paso Robles Wine Varietals

Paso Robles Wine Varietals

If you’re planning a stay in wine country, let be your guide. Their online resource will show you the wide range of Paso Robles wine varietals that are produced locally and also provides you with great information about each varietal or blend style. Along with the wine tasting map that is available through the website, you'll be well on your way to planning the best wine tasting adventure of your life.

Are you a Dessert Wine fan? These sweet wines can accentuate an experience like entertaining guests in the home or a romantic evening for two. What makes a dessert wine uniquely sweet is that the producer will halt the fermentation process before the yeast has turned the grape sugar into alcohol. Producers will employ a range of processes to stop fermentation, including super-cooling or adding brandy to the wine. Besides being sweeter, Dessert wines also tend to have a higher alcohol content.

Use the website to find dessert varietals in the wineries you want to visit, including Cayucos Cellars, Jada Vineyard, Oso Libre, Sculpterra and many others.

Many visitors come to Paso Robles to sample and purchase Grenache wines, which offer a rich, spicy, berry flavor. Grenache wines are produced from grapes that have been grown in hot environments and can often be very high in alcohol content, sometimes higher than 15 percent. Pair a Grenache with beef, duck, rabbit, lamb or any game bird and you'll have a fabulous combination.

With the Paso Robles wine varietals guide, you'll find your way to the vineyards that produce Grenache wines, including Hug Cellars, Lone Madrone, Rendarrio Vineyards, Rotta Winery, Tooth and Nail Winery and many others.

If you intend on visiting Paso Robles to take advantage of their one-of-a-kind Late Harvest varietals, you won't be disappointed. Paso Robles is home to wineries that produce some of the best Late Harvest wines in the world, including Cabernet, Viognier and Zinfandel. Late Harvest wines are produced from grapes that have been purposely left on the vine longer than usual, have naturally dried, and are capable of producing a more concentrated sugar content.

You'll find the wineries that produce Late Harvest wine by using the Paso Robles wine varietals guide that is available at Be sure to log on to their mobile site where you'll find step by step directions to get to the wineries you most want to visit, tasting room hours, information on the area, and much more. is a free resource for visitors to wine country to use for easy navigation around the countryside, wine tasting specials, information about the wines you're thinking about tasting and purchasing, and much more. Feel free to use the site as often as you'd like and take advantage of the amenities.

Make your upcoming stay in Paso Robles extraordinary and show your group the time of their lives with the free tools available at

Paso Robles Wine Varietals
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