KROBĀR Craft Distillery is the ethanol-induced brainchild of Stephen KROener and Joe BARton. With 40 combined years in the alcohol business, these guys had the fantastic idea to unite their skills and produce something they love: hooch. With the right skills to distill and the perfect setting in which to do it, they decided to give it a go. Now all of you can try the fruitiness of their labors!


THE GUYS have a combined 40 years in the alcoholic beverages industry. Stephen and Joe wanted to create traditional and not-so-traditional spirits for all to enjoy including themselves. By employing old school and new school methods, the guys are making craft spirits that are great on the rocks, neat, or can be added to your favorite mixer.


THE STILL is the most important tool for a distiller. Kroener and Barton spent 4 years researching stills and still manufacturers. They decided on Vendome Copper & Brass Works in Louisville, Kentucky. Their decision was influenced by many factors. The main one was that Vendome is an American company with hard-working men and women who make kick-ass production stills. Additionally, Stephen and Joe wanted a still they could design to meet all their distillation desires and Vendome had the skills to build their two hundred gallon pot stills.

When designing the distillery, Stephen and Joe spent 4 years researching everything from the still design, low impact distillery layout, and an efficient mechanical system. The still was designed to be a closed steam system. The steam enters the still and heats the product then returns back to the boiler. This creates a low water and energy system. Finally, and, most importantly, Stephen and Joe spent this time concocting delicious product recipes. All of these variables together equate to a product line that is great tasting and sustainable.


THE SETTING of KROBĀR Craft Distillery is spectacular as it is situated on a hill overlooking vineyards and Highway 46 West. The distillery has an old 1920's feel which will make your tasting experience one to remember.

Most of the distillery building is made from recycled materials. There is repurposed sheet metal on the walls, old tanks have been sterilized for water storage, old mechanical equipment has been refurbished, and old barrels have been turned into furniture.

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